Treat Your Dream Like A Rock Star With Aly and Andrea and Peggy McColl

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Catherine Hughes

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This weeks inspirational video features Aly and Andrea of Rock Star U interviewing New York Times best selling author, Peggy McColl. In this video Peggy discusses being a single mom and making decisions about her dream which allowed her to be home with her son. She is one of my favorite authors, podcasters and motivational speakers, so I welcome the opportunity to feature her here in this weeks inspiration post.

Uh, girls – when the 8 of us begin to interview with people – we need to make sure we all stand on one side!

8 Women Dream salutes Peggy McColl for reminding us to never stop dreaming.

This week’s inspirational blog award follows along the theme of the featured video above by awarding the interviewers in the video, Aly and Andrea of the blog Rock Star U is our Inspirational Blog of the week.  Their blog is about celebrating Women in Business. They write the following about themselves  –

“… As identical twins, we have spent a lifetime building our own personal brands.  Neither one of us can sing very well, but together, we have learned to use our own Rock Star qualities to shape our own World Tour of Success.  We learned to thrive amongst adversities we faced such as our own premature birth, visual impairment (blindness), poverty, rejection, and even cancer— all in the name of experiencing victories like becoming World Champion and All-American athletes and coaches, corporate spokesperson, international business owner, author, speakers, Olympic Torch bearer, cancer survivor, and the coolest wives and moms ever …

What I enjoy about Aly an Andrea is – like 8 Women Dream – they are cheering women on.

And – they podcast!  The next step for 8 Women Dream.

Keep on dreaming people!


  • I love your site girls and need to add it to our list.

  • Awww, thank you, ladies! What a joy to stumble on this one! We love that you go out of your way to inspire others– and what an entourage you have here:) Thank you for spreading your dreams with others, and for making us a part of that…. we are on a mission to touch a gazillion lives and choreograph a whole ‘lotta World Tours of Success, ya’ know! You ladies are doing a great job. Rock On!

  • Veronica

    go woman go….