Sarah Ehrlich’s Dream of Give A Flock is Helping End World Hunger

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Give a Flock Hens by - 816010Today’s dream story features a very special woman.

Every so often a person comes along that challenges the norm and takes a stand to make a change and social entrepreneur, Sarah Ehrlich has done just that by founding – an innovative social movement dedicated to ending world hunger.

One way she plans to make change happen is by giving a flocks of chickens to orphanages throughout the world.

Providing chickens to a community in need not only helps them with their food needs, but also provides them with much needed long-term income so that the whole community can be completely self-sufficient.

Each chicken provides food for the malnourished orphans for up to 15 years and is a sustainable way to fight the hunger epidemic in these third-world countries.

Give A Flock’s unique strategy is to donate chickens to the orphanages in Kenya, Haiti, and many other locations with each purchase of their trendy T-shirts found on the website.

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Sarah has a long track record of helping those in need and for years has been actively involved with helping orphaned children. After a visit to India in 2006, Sarah founding Help for Orphans International to help meet the serious need for safe places for children to live.

Help for Orphans International has committed their effort to increase their scope and influence and has successfully expanded their operations to include, most notably, the Give A Flock organization.

In addition to the Give A Flock project, Sarah has added movements such as, Operation Backpack, Healthy Smiles, and Clothe the Children which provide much need learning materials, dental care, and clothes to the children of Help the Orphans International.

More on their story —

It’s time to join together and take a stand against world hunger and to help children in need.

And with the support of Sarah Ehrlich, Give A Flock, and Help for Orphans International we can make a change.

For more information about how you can get involved with Help the Orphans International please visit:

To get your very own Give A Flock social awareness T-shirt, visit

Sarah Ehrlich sure knows how to dream big.

Come on everyone, just Give a Flock.


  • Ah to travel the world helping those in need…what a big dreamer, indeed.

  • Love any awareness program that puts a memorable twist on it – thanks for sharing!