6 Ways to Love Your Body No Matter Your Size

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Iman is a photographer who, through her unique process of coaching and photography, can show a woman what other people see when they look at her. She is passionate about teaching other photographers how to live and be a professional and making change in the world. She dreams of changing the way women look at their bodies and how the world defines beauty. She also thinks being an instructor on CreativeLIVE would be incredible. Iman battles Lyme disease and shares her unique view of dreaming while fighting for her health. Her post day is Wednesday. [email protected] Iman Woods If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.
6 Ways to Love Your Body No Matter Your Size - Iman Woods Photographer

Learning to love my body and embrace my curves!

With my dream of helping women love themselves more, this is what I preach to my clients:

Feeling pretty is about self-esteem, body image and seeing the value in ourselves. It’s easier than you think to learn to love your body by making small changes.

It doesn’t matter how much weight you’ve gained, how many pregnancies have changed your body, or how many wrinkles you’ve accumulated.

You have an inherent beauty that comes out when you are in tune with who we want to be.

When you laugh. When you console a loved one. When you are there for a friend in need…


6 Ways to Love Your Body

1. Set goals to love your body, including your imperfections.

TRY to love your flaws, your blemishes, your belly etched in stretch marks. Your body is a miracle that has carried you to this moment and should be honored for it’s part in your journey.

The stretch marks that cover my lower belly are a symbol of survival and renewal. The most precious life came from the loss of my previously unmarked skin. I will seek each day to be proud of the sacrifice.

It’s honestly not hard when two little arms snake around my neck and my son tells me he loves me.

2. Let people photograph you.

I don’t care what thoughts make you squirm away. I don’t care if you’ve aged, or changed, gained weight or grown horns. (If you’ve grown horns you may want to see a doctor, though.)

Open yourself up to being photographed.

It’s more than a way to love your body, it’s a way to love yourself and your loved ones. Photographs are all we have to remember and celebrate the little moments that make up a life. When you lose someone, the images become even more precious.

3. Find one thing each week to appreciate and love your body.

Daily is even better, but a once weekly habit is easier to incorporate into a busy life. Take one minute to give yourself credit for a physical attribute.

Right now, I’m giving props to my bubble butt. May you always stick out just enough, Butt!

4. TRY to feel beautiful and at peace with the body you have right now.

Everyone has the ability to feel beautiful.  Everyone WANTS to. Start practicing what it feels like to love your body, you may be surprised how easily it starts coming to you.

Dance naked. Sashay around the bathroom to some fun music.

If you’re lucky enough to visit a nude beach in Europe, do it! Europeans have a much healthier idea of loving all body types. A friend did this and was liberated.

I let go of my desire to have a rock hard body and I decided to embrace my soft curves. I am beautiful even with them. If by some miracle I can start going to the gym (Lyme disease prevents this currently, not willpower) I will embrace that. But I can’t be ashamed of myself as I am. I lost 88 pounds for goodness sake!

5. Surround yourself with people who truly love your mind, body and soul.

People who lift you up, support you, and make you laugh during life’s ups and downs are gold. Don’t waste time with anything or anyone who makes you feel less than. Clearing out those who don’t treat you right opens up space for the ones who do.

Time is precious. Share it with those who are worthy of your gift.

My inner circle has gotten me through the toughest year to date and I know it would have felt far more insurmountable without them.

6. Affirm others in their efforts and beauty.

We all have days where we question ourselves, our bodies, our actions. My girlfriends are amazing at helping me see my beauty when I am unsure of myself.

In those moments, they help me be strong enough to get back to a moment where I feel it in my soul. (They’re the ones that always try to pinch my bum. I laugh but it makes me proud of my tush.)

May you find the ones that help make you proud of your tush!

Iman Woods
Feel Beautiful today!

Give us your thoughts!


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  • You read my mind! “Affirm others in their efforts and beauty.” is something I try and do everyday with those around me. You rock girl!


  • Catherine

    I love this, “TRY to feel beautiful and at peace with the body you have right now.” SO true, because you never know what tomorrow may bring.  Today is all that we have and I know from watching those I love die that in the end I would give anything to have them back in my life – regardless of how they looked.  It was who they were as a person that mattered most.

    What amazing photos – how inspirational you are!


  • maria

    my god, what a wonderful and powerful message.  you are an inspiration to me.   thank you, thank you thank you.   much love, m

    • ImanWoods

      Maria, you’re an inspiration to ME! I’m so glad this blog brought you some comfort. We ARE good enough, if we can give ourselves credit. Doesn’t mean we never need to change, but it acknowledges our place in our journey right now.

  • Newsyrayne

    Oh Dear heart Iman, thank you for posting this very important message. We don’t need to call Jenny Craig. We don’t need to join a gym or beat ourselves up either. We need to be grateful and thankful for our beautiful bodies. Thanks for reminding us!

    • ImanWoods

      Thank you, lovely! Why do we see the new year as a way to chastise ourselves about not being good enough? My lasting weight loss happened when I opened myself and learned to love my body.