Best City Breaks: New York City or London?

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Best City Breaks: New York City or London? New York City from the water
As a world traveler, travel blogger and travel junkie, people often ask me what are the “best cities” or the “best culture” or the “best way to travel.”  Since I love travel, I find that every destination has its unique charms.

Lately, I’ve been having a debate with friends, other travelers and travel bloggers over the best cities to take a break. It seems a lot of people think New York City has an unassailable hold on best of the “best city breaks” crown.


London is in my heart and under my skin and, to me, it is the best city in the world.

I’ve had eight years to get to know London.

I love its varied architecture, the rich history around every corner, the cozy pubs, some of the world’s best museums and art galleries, the mighty cathedrals, the green central parks.

For me, it is often the secret delights discovered in a city that steal your heart.

Best City Breaks: New York City or London? Circle of Lebanon, Highgate Cemetery, London by Michael Reeve

London has overgrown cemeteries, gentle canal walks, rooftop gardens, pubs down back streets, and quirky pieces of history that take you back in time.

Best City Breaks: New York City or London? New York City street art

On the other hand I have only spent four days in NYC.

This American city has soaring skyscrapers, brunch spots to die for, funky bars, incredible art collections like the Guggenheim, MOMA and the Frick Collection, and of course, Central Park.

Best City Breaks: New York City or London? Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, NYC by Francisco Diez

Maybe I need more time to reassess and discover some of her secret delights.

I still need to walk the High Line Park, see a basketball game at Madison Square Garden, shop at Bloomingdales, listen to jazz in Harlem, and explore the other four boroughs.

Best City Breaks: New York City or London? 230 Fifth Avenue roof terrace New York City

For the Best City Breaks –what do you think? London or New York City?

Or do you have another contender?


Give us your thoughts!


  • Catherine

    Now that I have a Smartphone maybe I can actually begin entering contests like this – every week your stories remind me that I am not doing enough to travel more.  God, how I miss it.  thank God for your posts!  – Cath

  • I am entering this contest! My travel list is small, and my time in NYC was almost 30 years ago (and I just aged myself…) so I’m up for some real city time now!  Thanks for the heads up on this one Natasha!