Can You Be Optimistic Like Loretta Laroche and Colleen DuBois?

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Catherine Hughes

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This weeks inspirational video features acclaimed Speaker, Consultant, Author & TV Personality Loretta Laroche. She believes that you can use stress as an opportunity for growth, resiliency and humor. With her phrase, “stressed is desserts spelled backwards,” she believes we can learn to use humor to re-frame stressful situations – that is, to think about them in a different way. She argues that this new perspective will enable us to learn to see humor in some of the difficult parts of life.

And thus get over ourselves.

Besides, she’s damn funny.

So this week 8 Women Dream salutes Loretta for reminding us that how we think is most of that battle.


The 8 Women Dream Inspirational Blog awardThis week’s inspirational blog award goes to Colleen DuBois and her blog Reflections of Me. She writes the following on her blog –

“I am a 33 year old mother of the two most delightful girls on the planet. I believe they have been sent to me to nourish me, to inspire me and to bring joy into my life. We live in a town house that looks out towards the magnificent mountain scape that fringes the city of Cairns. Our couch is the center of our home. It is where laughs, tears, hopes, frustrations, fears, comfort and sometimes sleep are shared, either voluntarily or with loving inducement.”

Loretta and Colleen (my favorite Aunt’s name) thank you for being an inspiration to 8 Women Dream.

Keep on dreaming people.


  • Sara Fryd

    Congratulations Colleen! I love your blog. You are a delightful young woman full of so much courage and joy.


    Hugs from Arizona!

  • Colleen

    Wow ladies ! Thank you for the honour of such a lovely mention on your site. So happy to have connected with you…You are all an inspiration.

    It is my hope that forums like these will spread the message of love and support from strong, loving, courageous women to all women in need of a lifeline, when their ship sails in to murky waters.

    Thank you again !!

    Hugs from Cairns, Australia.