Giveaway: Nivea New Year’s Eve “Kiss of the Year”

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Giveaway for Nivea New Years Eve - Ray and Heather 2012

Giveaway from Nivea straight to YOU dear reader. Who doesn’t want a chance to win an incredible gift bag of Nivea products!

What is your favorite kiss moment?

With any luck, we can think back on our romantic past and pick out at least one really romantic kiss. I must be pretty lucky as I can name quite a few. My most romantic is easy… the night my husband Ray proposed. The story of how he proposed is very long, very romantic, and I have been asked by friends not to share my proposal story in front of the recently engaged. Apparently it has made a few proposals seem mundane – sorry guys!

The kiss after I said “yes” was perfect, even though I know it wasn’t pretty. I had been crying tears of joy for 15 minutes leading up to the super-romantic proposal. The good news is there are only a few photos of that moment. Romantic as it was, swollen red eyes don’t do the engagement ring justice.

The photo above is a shot of us taken at a recent photographer gathering at our home (thank you Sherrie for taking this for us!) and it’s perfect timing. 13 years ago this week, Ray and I had our first date. Apparently he isn’t sick of me yet!

Giveaway – Comment below with your favorite kiss moment!

“Romantic Kiss” Prep Kit includes:

A few of the products in this pack were new to me – the Nivea Honeydew & Pearl Hydrating Shower Gel and the Nivea Lip Care A Kiss of Olive Oil & Lemon. My first impression of the green lip balm threw me for a minute, but the light feel and refreshing citrus are a new favorite. The shower gel was also a nice surprise. With my regular workouts and time in the pool, the mild scent and resulting soft skin were wonderful!

Giveaway for Nivea New Years Eve Prize Pack

Help a couple have a once in a lifetime New Year’s Eve Kiss: Go vote now!

Romance and travel is ahead of one of these couples for this years Nivea New Year’s Eve “Kiss of the Year” contest. This year’s winners will receive the full VIP treatment in NYC with the NIVEA team and grace the Times Square stage this year with celebrity couple Mario and Courtney Lopez.

“Kiss of the Year” App on Facebook –

Don’t forget… Comment below with your favorite kiss moment!

Can’t wait to choose the winner – Heather



**Note: If earrings are no longer available, winner will receive another Swarovski product of similar value.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received these products free from Nivea as part of their promotions from bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  • My favorite kiss was a kiss I got from my son on Mother’s Day 

  • Darlene Dunigan

    This kiss was full of our youth, new emotions, being brave, caring, trusting, it held all the qualities of love brought together . Not known at the time, by either of us. Which made it a gift to each other. Nothing else wanted in return. We snuck into Nadine’s tool shed, she stood guard just outside the door. Our lips were dry, my braces cut my lip a little. Our noses bumped as we tried to figure out how to get around them. Our breathing sounded funny.  We wanted the romantic kiss, as seen on TV. so we looked deep into each others eyes and smiled. We held each other awkwardly for a moment. In that dirty old tool shed I held my breathe, with my eyes closed. Would I see stars or fireworks? There wasn’t any music either. It did not matter. We heard Nadine’s Mom yelling out into the yard, requiring to know what was going on. Out we came into the brightest sunlight. He held a pair of pliers high into the air for her to see. Many years later and many kisses later, even better then will ever be on TV. That kiss in Nadine’s backyard will always be a prize winner for me!

    • Darlene – you are our winner! Congratulations and look for your very own New Years Prep Kit from Nivea headed your way soon. Thanks for reading and entering our giveaway!

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  • Amy Orvin

    My favorite kiss moment was with my 1st boyfriend on valentines day at the Water Front Park.

  • My favorite kiss moment was the first time I kissed my husband. But it turned into more of a make out session. We were so intoxicated with each other we didn’t realize that two hours had passed. Our lips just couldn’t stop. It was rather magical and I knew that he was my soul mate and we were meant to be just by that kiss. He took my breath away!


  • Emmybear411

    When I was asked out by my bf two years ago at the top of a ferris wheel at the summer carnival right at sunset<3!!!

  • Catherine

    oh and to get this started… my favorite kiss moment was when I got married, even though we are no longer married I still love the moment when the wedding couple kisses and I love that moment.  It eventually brought us our great son.

  • Catherine

    What an awesome giveaway!!! Love the photo!