Chase Your Dreams Like Julia Childs and Julie Powell

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Catherine Hughes

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This weeks inspirational video actually features two videos with respect to a new movie out in theaters titled, Julie and Julia. The women of 8 Women Dream enjoyed a Sunday movie outing today and went to watch this Nora Ephron film about two women who achieved their dreams through food. You gotta love that.

The first video below features Julia Child making an Omelet. The second video is Julie Powell (the other story in the movie is based on Cookbook Award Logo webher) making a steak. After watching the movie, it is fun to compare the real life versions.

Julia Child

Julie Powell

So this week 8 Women Dream salutes these two women who went after their dreams and reminded us all that it is OK to love good food.


8WD_web_badge-This week’s inspirational blog award goes to Julie Powell’s original blog The Julie /Julia Project.  She has another blog which picks up where The Julie/Julia Project leaves off at What Could Happen.   She writes the following on her blog,

“A lot of people have been asking whether it’s true that Julia Child wasn’t a big fan of Julie Powell, and whether she and I really didn’t meet. Both of those things are true – Julia, I think, from what I gather, was less irritated than simply uninterested. Which, when I first found out, was of course devastating. But the thing about Julia, to me, was that she was a real person – a great 6-foot-2 force of nature, with tremendous gifts, nearly limitless energy and generosity, firm opinions, and even a few flaws. That’s what I love about her – she inspired because she was a woman, not a saint.”

I find both Julie and Julia reassuring proof that we can be who we are and still make our dreams come true – flaws and all. We recommend that you go see the movie Julia and Julia, then check out Julie Powell’s blogs.  You inspire us.

May everyone have an inspirational week and keep on dreaming and enjoying good food –


  • Catherine

    Hmmm so we need to find you someone who is “doing it all” – how about Maria Shriver? I’ll have to work on this one for ya. it was good to see you too. Remember that Julia had to move around with her husband and the book took 8 years due to hand typing over and over and sending them back and forth. She may or may not have had more time, but she also did not have today’s technological advantages.

  • Danelle, the equestrian

    I’m glad I came just to see everyone. I went home and complained to my husband ’cause the movie just made me hopeless (yeah, I know, no one is surprised about that, right?) Julie lived in a 900 square foot apartment, didn’t have kids, animals, grapes, a Rose Parade float to worry about. So of course she was able to focus on and complete her blog! Julia was an embassy wife with nothing else to do but go to cooking school! Sorry, they’re just not good examples for me. How am I ever going to be able to achieve my dream with everything else going on in my life?

  • Catherine

    I know – so appropriate for us. I laughed at so much in the movies I can relate to and now looking back I will always remember who I was with when I saw it.

  • Kim

    That was such a great movie! Thanks for planning it for everyone. Sorry I couldn’t stay and chat but will see you all Wednesday!