Worldwide Photo Walk: Helping Pro Photography Dreamers Live Their Dream

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This past weekend I was one of 70 people who walked in the 5th annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk.

Our walks’ leader, Ray Mabry and the CoOrganizer of our meetup group, the SoCoPhoGro, has organized this walk in our hometown for four years. Every year it gets bigger, and every year it gets funner.  Most importantly, every year it helps Pro Photography Dreamers like me live the Dream.   (In the pre-walk photo above, Ray seated behind the M. That’s me, on the other end, orange shirt and arm in the air).

This year, there were over 1300 organized walks with 32,000 photographers around the world participating.  Pro Photographer Scott Kelby, the mastermind behind the worldwide photo walk, was interviewed recently – and I really appreciated his response to this question:

What has been best thing that came out of this whole Worldwide Photo Walk thing?

I think it was the fact that so many photographers have not only made new friends, but have gone on to form their own photo walks during the year. This is totally a social event, and that’s why makes it so much fun. Most of the people on my walk had never done a Photo Walk before, but everybody had so much fun, they all wanted to do one again right away. Photo Walks are infectious, because when you get that many creative people together, who all have the love of photography in common, you can’t help but have a great time.

I agree with Mr. Kelby- It’s not all about taking photos.  Dreaming about becoming a Pro Photographer is more than that for me.

When I started dreaming with 8 Women Dream 3 years ago, i had to set goals around a passion of mine that, up until that point, I did soley for myself.  Becoming a Pro Photography Dreamer changed that.  I had to start being seen.  I had to let others feel indifference about my work and be ok with that. I had to challenge myself to lead others in a way I haddn’t done before.

Now this Dream is starting to morph and grow into a real opportunity to create space for others to follow their own photography dreams.  To practice and make mistakes and learn from that and from others.  And of course, to have fun.

My passion for photography and creating amazing images isnt going away for me.  I’ll post my Worldwide Photo Walk shots when they are ready for Wordless Wednesday.

However, today is about celebrating the success of others who are living their Pro Photography Dreams.

As a Dreamer, do you have opportunities to help others live their dreams?  What impact do you think you have on them just by following your own Dreams? 

Let us know!

Until next photo,



  • I had the ultimate compliment from one of the members of the photography group when she told me I inspired her to start her weight loss journey! I love helping anyone with health and shifting to life long fitness. That was a fun walk!