Give Me A Week And I’ll Give You Bad Habits

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This week I have been an absolute slug!

Way too much couch potatoing. Too much television and sugar. I am not sure if I am having  mini depression episode, or fluctuating hormones or if I am slowing way down knowing that in two weeks I will be moving nonstop.  In two weeks I start teaching , attending grad school topped off with my  son starting his school schedule.

slugHow can I be an intelligent woman who has never been able to loose the eighty pounds I gained with the pregnancy of my son?  It has been almost sixteen years.  How have I allowed myself to carry this burden which has hindered me so much? I know what is good for me.

I have been able to commit myself to art, a marriage, children but I have been unable to commit to caring for myself.  What is that about? I am frustrated.  Has anyone out there been able to break their bad habits?


(Wendy’s dream is still to become a influential international artist, but she left 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 to complete grad school.  She is still a strong supporter of 8 Women Dream and you will see her in the comments on the blog.)

  • Kim, the traveler

    It’s the strangest thing. Because it feels so good to take care of ourselves, but then we don’t.

  • Danelle, the equestrian

    Committing to caring for ourselves has got to be the hardest thing to do. Wish I had an answer for you (and for me!)

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    It’s too long without a meeting again. I am going to schedule an extra one to go see Julie and Julia – that alone should lift our spirits, but I need your schedule. Can you email it to me? You should have some emails from me in your inbox. I think many of us are where you are at and the next meeting can’t come soon enough – send me your schedule before things get too crazy for you!