Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View

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Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View of Table Mountain National park

As I continue my dream journey here on 8 Women Dream I think it’s important to share parts of my life in Cape Town South Africa.

This week, my husband decided to take his annual leave from work and I decided to take time off and join him. As part of Heritage Month celebrations in South Africa, we decided to go hike at a World Heritage Site in Cape Town South Africa: Table Mountain National Park.

Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View - The Goal

The goal was to hike up to Elephants Eye, which is a cave in the mountains within the slopes of Mount Constantiaberg. At first I was very apprehensive, I haven’t hiked in years.

All I remember about the last time I hiked was being overtired and too sore once I was done.

But the idea of hiking a National park was just too hard for me to resist.

Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View of a hike to Elephants Eye

I am a huge lover of nature. I love being surrounded by the beauty of all that nature has to offer.  I think Thomas Brown said it best…

“All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God.”

A few minutes into the hike, the silence was deafening.  No sounds of  cars, computers, factories, TV’s, or cell phones. All I could think of was “Yes! This is what I have been wanting for!”

The peacefulness of nature take my thoughts to the next level of bliss.

I found myself enjoying my husband’s company as we spoke about our dreams, the amazing views, and the local flora.  Happiness washed over me like a soft breeze through my hair.

The higher we climbed the more the view took my breath away.

Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View of The-Tokai-Lookout-Point

The closer we got to the destination the steeper the slopes became.

It was like anything worthwhile in life: the closer you get to achieving your dream, the more challenging it becomes, forcing you at the very end to give it everything you’ve got.

Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View arriving at the cave

Like all challenging dreams, the hike was worth the effort.  As we came around the last zig-zag bend, me being a bit out of breath – yet excited – my eyes caught a glimpse of the cave.  I’d done it!

I was walking on a very thin ledge on the mountain staring at what had taken us an hour to reach. I could not believe I made it —  for someone who hasn’t hiked at all in years!  Which proves that you really can do anything once you set your mind to doing it.

Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View from inside the cave

The view was spectacular. You could see the Cape Flats and the False Bay Coastline from the cave. I loved the peace and quiet. It was just beautiful. I can’t believe that for as long as I have lived that I never took the time to hike up to Elephants Eye!

Part of my dream to be a renowned motivational speaker is to travel the world, yet I haven’t even taken the time to fully appreciate my own city. I do live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

This realization came to me as I watched the water make its way through the mountain while red birds danced in and out of the cave like they have been doing since the beginning of time. Mother nature doing what she has always done, as beautifully as she always has, undisturbed by a young couple taking it all in.

Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View taking it all in

A clear sign of God’s absolute magnificence.

And mother nature reminding me how she has persevered through time and that I too can continue on until I achieve my dreams to be motivational speaker and writer.

I now know that even though this dream journey of mine may force me to climb up steep slopes and crawl out from low ditches, it will be well worth it in the end — when I get to the top of my dream life and can admire the view.

Just pursue it!


Even though I have taken pictures, It really does not do the view any justice, So I decided to take a little video clip of the cave and the view. Enjoy!

PS. I welcome you all to visit Cape Town and if you are here, it will be my pleasure to hike with you to this spot. Come on 8 Women Dream-team, book those tickets now!

Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View marked fro 8 Women Dream

Aristotle was right on the money when he said that “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous” I experienced something so beautiful, I had to share it with the readers of 8 Women Dream.

 Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View looking down on Cape Town


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  • 8WomenDream for Sue

    Lovely post and wonderful video!

  • Remy

    WOW!  Beautiful Sue!  I so wish I could come for a visit – I’ll have to prepare for that hike!  geez!  Photos are lovely too.  xo Rem

    • Hi Remy! Thank You very much. I would love to have you over, I really hope that you come visit someday, You will love the views for some amazing pics! It’s a true compliment coming from a photographer genius as yourself. Hugs from Sue

  • Yes girl! Amazing shots and your video is wonderful – share more of those please! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy what’s around us and of course congrats on the hike :)

    • thanks Heather! I will try to make more vids in the future :) 

  • Cath

    I love this post, especially the video.  You have a natural talent for being on video.  I hope you will do more.  I am glad you took some time off.  We all need a break every now and then.  ~ Cath