Warning: Don’t Tease The Dreamer

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I’ve had to ask my husband to stop automatically saying “yes” to all of my ideas.  I think he does it to be supportive and because he knows in a day or two I’ll likely be on to another idea.  But every once in awhile, when one of my ideas sticks beyond a day or two and we have a brief discussion about the realities of my latest idea, he then says no and I feel like I’ve had the rug pulled out from under my feet.

For example, last week I thought about selling Nikki.  He said fine, go look for another horse.  I got on the internet and found one close to home.  Showed him the ad, told him about horse.  All of a sudden, his position was:  Wait, you haven’t even tried to sell Nikki.  Why are you looking for another horse?  I’m thinking:  Ummm . . . because we talked about selling Nikki and you said it wouldn’t be a big deal if we had to keep him for awhile and that with horse prices being so down, it made sense to start looking.

Teasing the dreamer doesn’t make for good dreaming or a good relationship.  I think the basic problem is that my immediate and extended family tends to be dreamers, a bit off the beaten path type of people.  Not so with my husband’s family.  They’re all super practical.  And thus the two worlds collide at times.  Does anyone else have this problem?

I still have not decided whether or not to sell Nikki.  For now, I’m collecting opinions on the subject so if you haven one, I’d love to hear it!  I don’t know if selling Nikki is a wise decision or throwing in the towel.

No riding this week – we’re at the family house in Tahoe.

‘Til next week . . .


(Danelle left 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 and is still working  on her dream is to become an accomplished equestrian)

  • Catherine

    And men are problem solvers – give them a problem and they will want to solve it NOW. I support you in whatever takes you closer to your dream. Sometimes moving forward in our lives requires that we let something else go. I think the thinking about the letting go can be harder than the actual letting go itself.

  • Veronica

    hummm….I was told that our women friends are the only ones that we can successfully bounce things off of. Lower expectations of “men” will leave you less frustrated.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon

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