3 Ways to Become More Positive

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Sue Faith Levy is a motivational speaker and top blogger from South Africa. As an aspiring author and philanthropist. Sue's big dream is to spread her messages of hope and gratitude to women around the world with her motivational speeches and inspirational messages. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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3 Ways to Become More Positive: Think, Do and Be

Happy Thankful Thursday dreamers!

My dream of being a positive, motivating force for women around the world fuels me with an endless desire to make people feel good. I am grateful for the opportunity it offers to instill hope and encourage women to take the necessary steps to facilitate change in their lives.

You have the power, it’s just sometimes you need a little positive bump in the right direction…

In August, spring will arrive in South Africa. There is something about the season that makes me come alive again with renewed hope and gratitude.  Positive energy fills my being and the world of possibilities seems to come alive again.

To me, the spring season is a metaphorical sign of new beginnings.

Spring is a time when nature reminds us that it’s time for a fresh start, time to create a new mindset, and time to do more for yourself.

In honor of the coming spring in my country, I would like to encourage you to begin your mornings this week on a positive note with a spring-like mantra, or chant, to kick-start your days.

Starting your day on a positive note creates the belief that the day holds unlimited dream possibilities.

Here’s your affirmation for this week  —

I am replacing all negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Using affirmations are a way to bring more good into your life. By thinking, repeating and affirming positive messages (like, “I can do this. It will be easy for me”; I am capable of handling this”; My life is filled with positive surprises…”, etc.)  you can change your life into the stuff that dreams are made of.

3 ways to be more positive —

1. Force Yourself to Think Positive.

Science is beginning to prove that our thoughts become things.  The first time I saw this the statement “thoughts become things” was when I heard best-selling author, Mike Dooley talk about it.  At first I thought it was silly, but I soon saw that once you think about something in a certain way, it tends to manifest itself. You are always projecting your future from the present moment.

For example: Have you ever started your day thinking, “I don’t want to be late!”  Suddenly your stress level goes up as you focus on being late instead of telling yourself you have enough time and everything will be fine.  You keep telling yourself that you are going to be late…and guess what?  You’re now running late!

The next time you think you will be late try and change your thoughts. Claim your happiness.  Claim your right to success.  Claim that you deserve all the good coming to you and confirm that you have enough time.  Tell yourself that you will arrive where you need to be in plenty of time and everything will be OK.  Just watch what happens when you try this.

You will see that spending your energy on good thoughts that make you feel good will manifest in an amazing morning where you seem to miss all the traffic and find the perfect parking spot.  If you train your mind to think of what’s possible you will be amazed at what you can do.

3 Ways to Become More Positive: Think Positive

2. Do Positive Acts in Your World.

Beyond thinking positive, doing good for others can increase our happiness and view of the world around us.

Offering a helping hand, giving someone something they desperately need, or just making someone feel special takes our minds off of ourselves and our problems and allows us to see how much we can matter in the lives of others.

In doing good our bodies release “feel good” endorphins and these endorphins help us see our world in a more positive way.  So the next time you feel down, go do something positive for someone who needs help and see how it changes your outlook about your life.

3. Be A Positive Beacon.

Happy people are always surrounded by other happy people. Why is that? People tend to flock to those people who make others feel good just by being around them.  It’s like they want to bask in their positive glory.

The power a positive aura is like a car with a powerful engine that can take you wherever you need to go.  Try being that positive beacon for everyone you encounter this week and see how much your life changes in just one week.

Whenever someone starts saying something negative, point out what is still working in their lives.  See them surrounded in white light of love and hold them in your thoughts and bless them.  Watch how the situation changes.

 I am grateful that I am supported by the Universe. I have and proclaim, from this day forth, and forevermore, all that is good and positive by Divine right.  

This week add a positive affirmations that will start your day with thinking, being, and doing more positive actions in your life.  You will soon see some amazing changes that turbo-charge your “go-getter” spirit.

My advice to you is to affirm the positive, visualize the positive, expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly.

The tide has turned my way, success happens for me today.

3 Ways to Become More Positive: Positive affirmation

Have a positive week going for your dream with a positive mindset that it CAN be achieved!

Just pursue it and always be positively grateful.


  • Sue – thoughts do become things. Thanks for the reminder and great image to help me to keep it positive!