Who Else Remembers These Famous Olympic Images

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The 2012 London Summer Olympics are in full swing – and images being shot today will be the famous ones we reflect on in the future.

Here are a few famous Olympic Images from years past —

Mary Lou Retton was a huge stand out in the 1984 Olympics – scoring a perfect 10s on the floor and vault routines to win the all around woman’s title by .05 points.  For her performance, she was named Sports Illustrated magazine’s Sportswoman of the Year.”

She appeared on a Wheaties box, an image that is hard to forget.

Famous Olympic Images: Mary Lou Retton photo by rpspecialtdotcom

Photo by ©2011 General Mills, Inc.

Florence Griffith Joyner, known by her fans as Flo-Jo, captivated the world with her phenomenal speed and flamboyant style in the Seoul Olympics in 1988.  She was fast – but don’t you remember her finger nails more?

Florence Delorez Griffith-Joyner

Photo by  ©2010 SI.com SI Digital, part of the Turner Sports & Entertainment Digital Network

Do you remember Bruce Jenner in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal?   He won the gold medal in the Decathlon, setting the world record of 8,618 points.  I like remembering him this way – as an athlete – not as the reality star step dad to the Kardashian clan.

Famous Olympic Images: Bruce Jenner photo by Eatrunswag

Photo by Eatrunswag © 2012 PARADE Publications

Photographer Brian Smith captured one of the most emotional images of diver Greg Louganis hitting his head on the diving board in Seoul in 1988.  The collective inhale and immediate grab of the back of our own heads will forever hold us forever in this photo. Famous Olympic Images: Greg Louganis

Photo by ©2000 Brian Smith, 1988 Sports Illustrated

As a little girl, this image was the very first memory I have of the Olympics.   Nadia Comaneci scoring her perfect scores and inspiring young girls like me everywhere to follow their dreams and go for gold.

Famous Olympic Images: Nadia Comaneci photo by AP

Photo by ©Raymond Depardon via AP

What images of the 2012 Olympics do you think will inspire you to follow your photography dreams?

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  • Cath

    The Greg Louganis incident was really something at that time because he hadn’t told the world yet that he was HIV positive, and if you remember, that smack on the head drew blood.  He was worried that people would find out about his illness and he’d be thrown out of the game.  Fast forward to 2012 and he is happily watching the swimmers compete from the stands at the Olympics.  He has grey hair now … we are not that old…are we? 

    These photos bring back so many memories and tell each person their own version of that Olympics, which is what photographs are suppose to do …right?


    • remy

      Right Cath.  That is how images help us tell stories, remember important times in our lives…and the trick is – for me anyway – how to capture them for others, and be in the moment myself so I have something to connect back to.  I am sure Brian smith shot that image of Greg Louganis because it was his job to do so, I wonder if he has any feelings about it, or that event, those times…at all?  Just wondering!  xo REm

  • Love the shot of Mary Lou Retton – another huge inspiration for my gymnastics dreams. That was amazing to watch, and I totally had that box of Wheaties! Thanks for the great Olympic images Rem!

    • remy

      I remember once along time ago that Jeff’s grandmother told me I looked like Mary Lou Retton.  Not too sure I see that, but I’ll take the Olympic nod for sure!  xo Rem