Wordless Wednesday: San Francisco Zoo Inspires Pro Photography Dreams

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San Francisco Zoo: Pro Photography DreamsHello Pro Photography Dreamers.

This week’s Wordless Wednesday photography post comes from a recent photography dream trip to the San Francisco Zoo with my meetup group, SoCoPhoGro.

I found the photography shoot to be a bit challenging — harsh, direct mid-day sun created a lot of shadows and contrast.  Many of the animals were resting or ignoring us zoo visitors, and the open-air concept for cages made the distance between us and them a factor in the quality of the photographs.

But as you will see below, I muddled through it.  In the end I captured some fairly interesting animal images.

It was a beautiful place to be inspired to take photographs.

1.  Are zebras black with white stripes, or white with black stripes? It’s a mystery.

San Francisco Zoo photos: Zebra2.  This tiger was hot, but still maintained his regal composure.

San Francisco Zoo photos: Tiger3.  I saw a carpet of feathers before me…

San Francisco Zoo photos: Peacock4.  When you are too far away to capture detail, shoot for shadows and contrast.

San Francisco Zoo photos: Nyala shadows5.  It was high noon and this guy was ready for a nap.

San Francisco Zoo photos: Gorilla6.  Otter kisses or otter throw-down?  It was tough to determine.

San Francisco Zoo photos: Otters Kissing7.  Sea Lions are one of my favorite animals.  He was singing loudly.

San Francisco Zoo photos: A Sunbathing Sea lion

8.  Penguins make everyone smile, don’t they?

San Francisco Zoo photos: Penguins9.  Toughest shot of the day – hungry snow leopard pacing in the shade, shot through a black wire fence. 

San Francisco Zoo photos: Rare Snow LeapordWhat kinds of field trips inspire you in your pro photography dreams?

Until next photo,


  • Thank you for a delightful trip to the zoo!  Great work in challenging conditions. love your captions too!!

    • RemyG

      Thanks Phyllis!

  • Cath

    I love the otters!  I shared all your photos on Pinterest! – Cath

    • Gervaisgroup

      Thx cath

  • My favourites are the silhouette photo and the snow leopard through the fence! I feel inspired to try taking some better shots next time I take my daughter to the zoo. 

    • RemyG

      Fantastic Natasha!  Would love to see them when you go?

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