5 Ways to Get Your Dream Back on Track

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Lisa is a freelance writer, consultant and life coach. She has her BA in English and Creative Writing from Princeton and her MPA from Harvard. Lisa recently finished the first draft of her book manuscript, Burning Down the House. Her dream is to publish this first book and teach the world how to discover their hidden joy. Her post day is Tuesday.
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5 Ways to Get Your Dream Back on TrackWhat dreamer hasn’t hit a rough patch somewhere along the way in living a dream?

It takes time, diligence and faith to make dreams come true. There are times for most of us when we feel like things are not coming together in the way we hoped, or when a little bump in the road along the way can feel like Mount Everest.

I don’t know about you, but I have days when I’m totally inspired to work on my dreams, and days when I feel no motivation at all. Life coach Martha Beck talks about taking “turtle steps,” baby steps towards our dreams, knowing that if we simply keep in action, keep moving forward, things will manifest somehow in the right timing.

I am usually very good about taking action on my dreams, yet there are times when I lapse into focusing on others things, or when I’m not feeling well and don’t take action.

This summer I have  been struggling with depression, and it has gotten in the way of me taking as much action on my dreams as I’d hoped to by now. If you’ve ever “been there,” it can feel difficult to do anything, and saps life of its joy.

Joy is the purpose of our lives, I believe, and loving, and so it’s hard to not feel lots of joy, especially since I’ve cultivated a life full of joy for years.

I have to accept it that perhaps I did not realize just how much my past traumas could still affect me today, and to know that sometimes I need to ask for help.

I have done that, and reached out to others, and am doing what I can to get my joyful self back on track! I am reminding myself that even the littlest actions can make a big difference, and that all dreams are achieved with the help of others, as a team.

I am so fortunate to have so many people out there cheering me on and supporting me, including the fabulous women of 8womendream.

Helping Hand to Get Your Dream Back on Track

Here are 5 ways to get “back on track” with your dreams:

1. Reach out to others for help when needed:
I tend to be stubborn about seeking help, and to be fiercely independent. It’s actual a common trait for people who have post-traumatic stress symptoms to avoid seeking medical help. If you can catch a depression or other health issue early on, and take action to heal as soon as possible, it makes life a lot easier! I am learning to not be so proud and to seek help.

2. Take extra good care of yourself:
At times like this, it’s harder to stay on top of my daily practices, and yet I know I need them more than ever. Meditating, going to the gym, going to yoga classes, engaging with others even when I feel like hiding away, all can help. Eating healthy makes a huge difference.

3. Love yourself through all of it:
In life, we all have up times and down times, different seasons of life, just like nature. If we can find a way to love ourselves through the difficulties, and when we are not feeling our best, we can return to our joyful states just by learning to love what is. It can be really difficult! I fight sometimes with “what is,” despite years of meditation practice and self-development work, and yet I find that “what resists persists,” so I can end up making it worse for myself. Forgiving myself for all that I have done and left undone in life is one way to love myself, and find more peace again.

4. Reward yourself for any progress you do make:
We so often beat ourselves up for what we haven’t done yet, and forget to pat ourselves on the back  for what we have accomplished. Make a list of all the forward steps you have taken on your dreams, and remind yourself of all that you’ve accomplished. It can help give you more energy to keep going!

5. Remember that “this too shall pass”:
When going through a difficult phase, remember that it’s just a phase and that life will get better again. Take comfort in knowing that the hard times never last forever, and that things can turn around at any time. If you believe in a higher power, ask for help, grace or a miracle! Remember that we are never given more than we can handle, and remember how much courage and strength you have. Trust in your strong spirit to make it through this, too!

Wishing everyone luck and love on the journey, and the fortitude to make it through the tough times which as much grace as possible. Follow your dreams, and trust that they will unfold in time! Keep at it, dreamers!


  • Cath

    Lisa, you are amazing and an amazing dreamer.  We all go through this at some point.  We’ve launched our dreams during a wild economic time.  I don’t think anyone could be more brave.  We’ve stuck together, held hands and supported each other through thick and thin.  No one would ever believe the back stories to us and how we’ve managed to stick with it. The easy thing is to give up on ourselves, but we just aren’t that way.  You constantly strive for the best, and in doing so have made it so that we strive for the best too.  There are just too many things I could list about how great you are to me and to 8 Women Dream.


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  • Julieisanurse

    Lisa, I love this post, best wishes.