Pro Photographer Dreamer Updates on 2012 Dream Goals

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Hello Pro Photographer Dreamers!

Setting goals has never really been my thing – it’s funny because I have no problem getting my clients to set and reach goals – but to set them and go after them for myself?  Not until joining 8 Women Dream nearly 3 years ago did I ever think it would be something I’d do.


But at the start of the year I set 6 goals for my dream of becoming a Pro Photographer, knowing some goals would be challenging, a few nearly impossible to do without major comfort zone busting.

What I found is that support is critical for my success.

The co dreamers of the 8 Women Dream Team have been tireless in their encouragement. A few close friends and family members have also stepped up to remind me of what is important, and have helped me stay on track.

I would be lost without them. Truthfully.

Here are my 2012 Pro Photography Dreamer Goals, with a current status update for each:

Goal 1- Plan 22 events for the Sonoma County Photography Group.

Update:  At the mid year mark, we have planned 10 events, so 12 left for the year if I’m to hit my original goal.  Our most successful event to date has been the HDR Workshop, where co organizer and photographer Ray Mabry holds a few hours of classroom instruction, and then we go out and do a field workshop.  (photos of these and all of our events can be seen by clicking this link).

To round out the year, we are planning an outing to the San Francisco Zoo, a few night shoots and off camera flash practice; a day shoot at Angel Island, a holiday party and some family portrait practice at a local pumpkin patch.  I may come up short on the number, but we’re headed in right direction.

Goal 2 – Create an outline for two books.

Update: Haven’t even started formally thinking about this one yet.  I have some thoughts about an outline for a photo book, a business book, and a book about the women of 8 Women Dream.  But right now, it stays right there, just as thoughts.  Next month, I’ll sit down and start…really.

Goal 3 – Find ways to volunteer my photography.

Update: Our meetup group is the official photographer of the 2012 Tour De Fuzz, a bike ride in my hometown that supports our local Sheriff Department’s Chaplaincy Program.  This is our second year volunteering our time and images, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.  There is one more volunteer outing in the works, but not enough information to share yet.  More details to come, dreamers.

Goal 4 – Create a business photo class.

Update: I have started with an outline, and have done some informal research (asking a bunch of my fellow photography friends) about possible topics and what people really want or need.  I have 16 years of small business consulting experience and I know I could put together some great content.  I think it’s just a matter of doing it.  So what is stopping me?  Nothing.

Goal 5 – Find ways to be photographed more and share the images.

Update:  To continue on my previous post, “Photos of Me: A Study in Overcoming a Fear of Photography”,  I set this goal at the start of the year for a few reasons – and this is the one that has made me most uncomfortable.  To say I hate having my picture taken would be a gross understatement.

As a photographer (or just as a human) do you know how I feel?

I will be writing a separate post on my emotional updates to this goal, and why its important for me to conquer it.  For right now, my update is that I have been photographed more in the past 3 months (sometimes with my knowledge, sometimes not) and although its still an uncomfortable experience for me, I’m getting better at accepting it.  I have a feeling this goal will be one that moves forward with me to 2013.

Goal 6 – Take a trip away and practice photography.

Update: I took at 10 day trip at the end of May to visit family and friends on the East Coast.  I was in Washington DC for Memorial Day weekend,  got caught in a horrible storm, took the subway everywhere, and saw first hand how New York is rebuilding itself after 9/11.  It was important trip for many reasons; mostly having to do with Goal #5 – and more on that in a future post.

I’ve decided that I will plan another trip within the next 8 months, depending on finances and weather of course.

Ok Dreamers – Those are my updates for a year of Pro Photographer Dreaming.  It’s now a push to the end of December.  Will I make it?  You bet.

What goals do you have for the rest of the year?

How can we at 8 Women Dream help you achieve your goals and live your dreams?

Let us know.

Until next photo, keep shooting!



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  • I think you should sign up as a model for art classes at the local colleges.  It gives you camera time(or even easel time if you would like to be drawn as well as photographed) and it gives you a chance to help young artists as well.  No, you don’t have to do nudes though it usually is an option if you really want to.

    • remy

      Hi Scott.  Well, I hadn’t thought of that – definitely not the nude thing, but posing for photos or paintings. Huh.  I’ll let ya know….and thanks!