An American Dream Kind of Love

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An American Dream Fairytale: View from my front porchVery often, when I post photo images or write about my dream living in the middle of a vineyard here in western Oregon’s Willamette Valley, I receive comments about how my life is like a fairytale.

The simple, beautiful truth is that I do live a fairytale.

And like so many fairytale stories, mine includes a handsome prince.

An American Dream Fairytale: My prince and meToday, my prince and I celebrate our life as husband and wife of fourteen years and I dedicate this piece with all of my everlasting love to him…

Giving me what I want

I wanted a romantic lover who would cherish me and bring flowers to brighten all of my days.

You gave me a garden filled with them.

An American Dream Fairytale: Orange roses from my gardenI wanted giggles and silliness and unbridled echoes of joy to always lift my spirits.

You gave me our little girl and little boy.

An American Dream Fairytale: Silly, simple, perfect children with their pumpkinsI wanted to experience the feeling of being constantly surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of the natural world and its wild wonders, yet still fall asleep filled with gratitude for life’s true and simple pleasures, while lying safe in your strong arms.

You gave me a magical, heavenly home in the middle of a glorious vineyard.

An American Dream Fairytale: My home in the vineyardI wanted someone who deeply understood me in all of my insane moments, who wasn’t at all like me, and  would look hard enough, with an unconditionally loving heart, to find that there was a bit of something sweet and worthy in the experience of really knowing me.

You gave a perfect kind of marriage, intelligent and soulfully driven partnership to me, fourteen years ago, on this day.

American Dream Fairytale: Shellie and Bryan

I have everything I have ever wanted and if we, together, are blessed with more days that turn into our seasons, side by side, then I know you will continue to give me all that I will ever want because you gave me you.

Happy Anniversary,


Shellie Croft spent a year sharing her American dream stories on 8 Women Dream.  You can now find these stories on her blog Shellie’s Consumption.

American Dream Fairytale: Enjoying my fairytale

  • Sue

    Happy Anniversary Shellie. What a lovely post :)

  • Catherine

    Happy Anniversary Shellie (and Bryan). I hope you enjoyed an amazing day in your little castle in Far, Far Away land ;-)