Wordless Wednesday – DSLR Features Enhance Pro Photographer Dreams

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Hello Top Photographer Dreamers

This week’s Wordless Wednesday highlights one of the coolest features of my Olympus 5e camera – the “art mode” features.

One of my favorites is called “cross process” – as you can see, it makes for some very dramatic contrasts with images that may otherwise fall a little flat.

I recently took a dream photography trip back to the east coast – and I’ll be writing about that in an upcoming post.  Until then, here are a few of my favorites from the trip.


What features in your camera inspire you to be creative?

When was the last time you took a trip just to shoot?  Is a photography vacation a part of your dream?

If so, how can you make it happen?

Until next photo, keep shooting!


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  • Lisa Warner

    Since I’m not a photographer, the other topic that comes up for me with your entry is how we can utilize tools/resources  to enhance our creative talents and dreams and still have them be very authentic.  Sometimes a struggle for me, but getting better.  Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Catherine

    I like the very first one.  Almost looks like a dream.

    My photography dream vacation would be ANY vacation –lol


    • remy

      Cath Im gonna highly recommend it.  And you cant wait till you are “ready” emotionally, financially or work wise….I could only budget about 40 bucks a day, including food, so thank god for relatives with couches and vodka.  Friday was interesting cause it was 22 just for the bus to NY. All in all one of the best vacations ever, cause I focused on what was important.  I rested, I shot stuff, and Laughed alot.  Simple.  Beats an agenda’d action packed expensive trip every day.  (for me.)
      How about a 8 women dream get away weekend….somewhere….xo Rem