What It’s Like To Have A Top Blog Dream

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Catherine Hughes

Director of the 8 Women Dream Project at 8 Women Dream
Catherine’s dream is to make 8 Women Dream the premier online publication for women looking to pursue their dreams. She is a published author, a freelance writer, and a guide for those who want their dreams to come true online. Catherine would someday like to be invited to speak at TED about her observations about her 8WD project inviting women to take a chance on their dreams. Wine was required... Catherine posts on Sunday evenings and fills in dream stories as needed. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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Top Blog Dream: Creating an affirmation pageThere is a lot about my dream that happens behind the scenes here on 8 Women Dream.

When you tell the world that your dream is to have a top blog, then you have to actually go out and make it happen.  Even if it means sitting in front of a computer longer than you ever thought possible.

Imagine that.

Part of my dream work consists of reading through web statistics and looking at the habits of the readers who show up here on 8 Women Dream.

All too often, bloggers and website owners put out what they want to say to the world without thinking if it is a message the public is even interested in hearing. To be successful in publishing (because publishing is what you are doing when you deliver content online), you must care about the people who are going to be reading you.

I spend much of my time going through long “to-do” lists for this site while I test what people would like to hear about when it comes to dream inspiration.

8 Women Dream doesn’t pay for ads on Google, or any other search engine (yet) so we have to build an audience the old fashioned way — one at a time — and build a site that attracts enough love from the search engines (that we aren’t paying) so they send us targeted traffic.

Top Blog Dream: 8 women dream statistics of Google

And in order to get that targeted traffic, I have to look at the top posts on 8 Women Dream through Google Analytics and question what visitors are doing, how long they are staying, and if they click-through to something else on 8 Women Dream.

This week I created an 8 Women Dream affirmation resource page titled, 48 Best Affirmations for Success to Achieve Your Dreams because I realized that many of our visitors want inspiration to help them with their dreams in the form of a dream reminder.

Resource pages that provide your targeted reader with what they are searching the Internet for is a great way to increase traffic while inviting new visitors to see what your website has to offer them.  Google rather likes them too because they show that your website cares enough about your visitors that you provide them with solid information they can use … for free.

Affirmations are great at reminding you to dream.

Affirmations are also an important part of the dream process. Affirmations and vision boards (or placing images up of what you want) where you can see them every day are powerful tools for helping you make your dream come true.

They remind you to keep your eyes on the goal and to reside in the state of “I am” until your dream has come to fruition.

Dream Success Affirmation: Today I seize every dream opportunitySometimes 8 Women Dream website ideas wake me up in the middle of the night.  I roll over, feel for the pencil on the nightstand, then feel for my notebook buried somewhere in bed with me and I flip it open to any page and scribble my thoughts in the dark before passing out to snore.

The scribble then ends up on my “to-do” list.

Some middle-of-the-night ideas work perfectly, while others fall flat.  That’s how the world of publishing goes — and that’s how dreaming goes.  It’s not a straight-up trajectory.

It’s a whole lot of trial and error until you get it right.  But you have to keep on trying.

You keep raising the bar higher and become the person big enough for your dream.

Creating your dream is a lot of mini-steps you take that eventually lead you to where you are suppose to be.

I suppose I am luckier than most because if I didn’t show up to work on the 8 Women Dream website, then everything would come to a grinding halt.  I have to work my dream — I can’t ignore it.  I don’t have a choice.

Maybe that’s the big secret to making your dream come true — set it up in a way that you have to show up every day — like a job.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotta go to bed.

There’s probably more scribbling to do in the middle of the night . . .


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  • Sue Levy

    Awesome Post Cath :)

  • When do you get your inspiration?  Do you take action on it?

  • Shellieacroft

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Cath!  And for the reminder about affirmations…I have bunches, but I still gotta use them to make them become part of my all-of-the-time thought process.

  • Yeah for middle of the night idea scribbling! You’ve had some great ideas pop up. Thanks for sharing your 8 Women Dream top blog saga with us – I love to hear the details!