Kate Middleton: Long Live the Dream

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Kate Middleton: Long Live the DreamThis week as I head off to travel in Alaska, I’ve been thinking a great deal about how dreams come true and how it can very quickly change your life, as it did for Kate Middleton when she agreed to marry Prince William.

Besides, I can’t get away without writing a Kate Middleton post. Only a year ago, we all fell in love with and marveled over the now Duchess and her Prince (William) Charming.

When we think about what we can accomplish in a year, I often look to Kate as a role model. Everything she has done in the last year has been amazing, considering she has always managed to carry herself with such poise no matter what. Last year at this time, I also penned a post that had some viral success, Kate Middleton Stole My Royal Wedding Dream.

Thinking back to where Kate was–and where I was–at this time last year, inspires time for all of us to think self-reflectively.

  • What have you accomplished in the last year?
  • What do you want to accomplish this year?

While we all reflect, I still look to Kate for inspiration on how far we can all go next year on our lives. So like this time last year, I still stand by why I look up to Kate.

Why I Love Kate Middleton–

It’s not every day I can cheer-lead for a fair-skinned, light-eyed, athletically inclined brunette who openly admitted, “I’m a bit thick” in the past. She’s fearless; she follows her own style. (It takes a lot of guts, in my opinion, to wear so many hats. And she wears them so well.)

Obama and Duke Duchess of Cambridge

She’s a competitor. (She’s been rowing competitively to complement her pre-wedding 23-inch waist! Dukan Diet — not to mention she’s played sports her whole life. This primped princess can kick ass!)

Duchesses' carriage

She parties in day-glo. (A favorite pastime of my friends, too. Life’s too short to be polished all the time. Nice to know the future queen can let loose.)

Kate Middleton falling while roller skating

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

Lastly, she shares many milestone characteristics of a typical twenty-something—she’s held multiple jobs, switched careers, and experienced the “break-up-and-make-up” cycle of love.

Any twenty-something who’s ever struggled or questioned any part of their career can appreciate anyone who has done the same. Kate Middleton, now 29, attended the University of St. Andrew’s where she met the handsome prince and received a degree in the History of Art. Buy Solid Sterling Silver Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring with Blue Sapphire Cubic Zirconia Replica Size 7  New: $69.99

After college, she worked briefly for the accessory-chain, Jigsaw, as an accessory buyer. It was rumored that she was going to quit to become a professional photographer, which did not end up happening.

Instead, Middleton starting working for her parent’s party supply company. Now, she’ll never have to work a day in her life, but it’s nice to the future princess jumped back and forth with career choices and felt the indecisive burden that goes along with fully experiencing your 20s.

Kate Middleton, the girl-next-door-turned-princess, is my new style icon, favorite “celebrity” and my new reason to believe in myself again. I, middle-class, Midwestern, Missourian girl-next-door, can dream bigger than my small-town roots.

Kate Middleton gives me hope. Not that I will marry the King of England one day, but hope that anyone from anywhere can live out a dream that’s bigger than themselves.


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  • Catherine

    You are right that so much can happen in a year.  I picture you dressing as her every Halloween.  She is a reminder that dreams can come true.  

  • Rem

    have a great trip and remember, always ask whenever you get into a pickle “hmm what would Kate Middleton do?”  and you have your answer!  

  • Fabulous post — enjoy Alaska dream travel girl!