Impossible Dreams? Then Double the Persistence and Double The Results

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Catherine Hughes

Director of the 8 Women Dream Project at 8 Women Dream
Catherine’s dream is to make 8 Women Dream the premier online publication for women looking to pursue their dreams. She is a published author, a freelance writer, and a guide for those who want their dreams to come true online. Catherine would someday like to be invited to speak at TED about her observations about her 8WD project inviting women to take a chance on their dreams. Wine was required... Catherine posts on Sunday evenings and fills in dream stories as needed. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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Have you ever felt like a”poser” when you are attending something where you feel everyone else is better, smarter or more cleaver than you and you hope no one notices your awkward participation?

I feel like a poser when I attend Toastmasters and one of the members stands up and delivers an amazing speech. I then attempt to fade into a chair, hoping no one notices my presence.

There’s just one problem with this way of thinking of mine:


Or I should say, my personality.

Make me stand up and talk, even if it is only to introduce myself and I suddenly behave like the latest contestant on American Idol. It isn’t enough for me to say what I am suppose to say, I must be one of the best – the funniest – the most animated. The next thing I know my arms are talking and my body starts wiggling as I wait for my well-earned applause.

Which means by attending Toastmasters meetings I am most likely where I was always suppose to be: right in the middle of a bunch of story tellers and performers.

I haven’t made my “ice-breaker” speech yet. I am still waiting for my Toastmasters manual. Part of me is relieved. Sometimes it is all I can do to drag this blog post out of me once a week. I can imagine what it must be like to write a 7 minute speech, memorize it and then deliver it to a group where someone is taking notes to tell you about how well you performed while everyone watches.

Public speaking does take bravery.

And -persistence.

Hooman Hamzehloui saysthat we should follow these steps to achieve better persistence and get better results –

1. Know exactly what you want to achieve.

2. Your desire to achieve must be nuclear hot. If you have no desire, turn up the flame.

3. Believe in your abilities to achieve. You will have to believe it, before you see it.

4. Your strategy for achieving must be sound.

5. Will Power, Will Power, Will Power. Do I need to say it again? Will Power. The ability to keep on, keeping on when others would quit. Never quit trying until you achieve your impossible dream.

But he forgot the most important step:

Form or join a support group – a team – a supportive group of people to hold you accountable to your dream or goal.

Successful dreamers have their own mastermind group or team of people to support them and bounce ideas off. A Mastermind group will help to keep you accountable to take the necessary action required to reach your goals and achieve your impossible dream.

What can you persist through this week to get one step closer to your dream?


  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Dear we all have our days or I guess it is weeks here and the above post has some typos, is a bit long and I am not sure it flows. I was really tired when I wrote it, so don’t feel guilty. I take more of the responsibility of this blog because I don’t think I was clear enough in the beginning, and I forgot how long it can take to learn and understand blogging. We start out thinking it is one thing and then realize it is something else entirely.
    I think as this new makeover and format develops it will really help us discuss and troubleshoot our dreams and hopefully engage more readers.
    Since working with the new banner and getting the colors down I am getting a lot of positive feedback on the change from people who read us through Facebook and Twitter.

  • Dawnda, the horror writer

    I agree that being part of a group hold you accountable to your dreams. It’s hard to show up when you haven’t done anything towards your dream. I can see how people give up when it gets to hard.

  • Dawnda, the horror writer

    I suddenly feel very guilty…wait we talked about it already didn’t we…this week was better……….no?
    You are staying very busy and moving forward. I think your day to stand up and speak is coming soon, and I think you’re ready. You are sucha good speaker!

  • Catherine

    Hi Jennie,
    Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your feedback, but going back is not an option. Our dear Wendy missed out on the last meeting where much of the problems with the blog were discussed. You probably noticed on the old blog we were not getting a community participation in engaged commenting. We tried it 8 months and were seriously loosing readers. This blog is suppose to be a magazine-style blog about dreams, which if successful would turn into a social network for dreamers. The old way didn’t work, as when someone would not stick to discussing their dream in their post the site would tank down to two to seven visitors a day (just us).
    This new format reflects the style of popular sites which attract the type of following I am looking for. If you look at,,, as well as some of the top blogs in the world, (and many of the top 10 on Technorati) you will see that this new format is more in line with them.
    If I am to get Wendy noticed as an artist I have to create the type of blog that attracts viral visitors. It’s great to have our family and friends visit, but that won’t get Wendy on Oprah.
    Keep in mind that a site makeover takes weeks, so you will see it continue to change, but sorry, yes the old style is gone for good.
    Again, it’s wonderful that you take such an interest in Wendy and this site – she is lucky to have you!

  • Jennie

    Hi Catherine. I read your site because my boyfriend stepmom is Wendy and like reading blogs. I just wanted to give you my feedback. I do not like the new setup of your site. When I first went to the new site I thought it was a spam site full of advertisements. I loved the old site way better. I just wanted you to know.

  • Susan Schmitz

    Motivation and persistence are difficult things to identify. It is different for each one of us. In my mind the key to motivation and persevering is grounded in the goal setting process. Without a goal there is no commitment or motivation to persist. Commit to what? In our work on personal responsibility and goal setting the key element is the ability to set and then achieve a goal. We have developed a method of assessing the core competencies for goal setting and achievement. Scales in the assessment included: goal setting, self efficacy, values congruence, achievement drive, supportive environment, self-esteem, self-control, self-management, self improvement, personal responsibility, problem solving and resiliency. All of these directly relate to the goal setting and achievement process. They are essential in one’s ability to motivate oneself.