Photography Dream Lesson 101: Don’t Trash the Mistakes

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Hello Top Photography Dreamers:

On your Dream path of photography – have you ever heard another photographer say something like this:

For every 10 shots you take, you will be lucky if one turns out good.

1 of 10? 10% of my shots will be good?  That’s it?

That means 90% of my shots are crappy, missed opportunities, flubs, mess ups, technical blunders, and story-less images.

Seems like a dreadful ratio.

As a photographer on a dream path, we’re gonna make mistakes.  There is no way around it – and even lately, I’ve received some of the more interesting comments and compliments on my mistakes than I have with the top 10% .

That is why it’s called ‘art’ –  I guess.

So in honor of seeing beauty in the flubs, here are some of my most recent mistakes:

This mistake was a shot of some aluminum baseball bats lined up against a fence.  The automatic focus was off, I thought it was on.

This mistake happened while riding as a passenger in a truck in need of a new windshield.  I was trying to zoom for the mountain ranges and clouds in the background, but hit the shutter before I could adjust.

This mistake is donated to me from a Fellow Meetup SoCoPhoGro Member who was taking along exposure of the Golden Gate Bridge but zoomed the lens out before the shutter was closed.

This mistake was from a night shoot in my home town.  Not sure how I did this without blurring the guy in the left third.  My favorite part is the reflections in the water stay true while every other light moved.

This mistake was taken on a pier in San Francisco (that is my Meetup Group in the background).  I put my camera down and it landed on its side and somehow I pressed the shutter.

 And finally, this ‘mistake’ was a quick one to catch – the hands below are of 3 generations of women in my family – my mother, sister and niece – helping me shoot a Cancer Survivor tribute.  I asked them to make a fist of power, to show cancer exactly what we thought of it….and my sister innovated it a little bit.

Photography Dreamers, what are your favorite mistake images you refuse to trash?

Until next photo,


  • HA! Love those “mistakes” that show up after a shoot. Very cool!

  • Remy,

    Thanks for sharing this about mistakes. Mistakes are a part of learning. Therefore mistakes are stepping stone to the future…stepping stones to the dream.

    • Remy

      Thanks Shallie!  Stepping stones to the Dream….have to remember that.  xo Rem

  • The last one is great.

  • Sixpence

    What beauty…Love these mistakes. You couldn’t make this happen if you tried. Great photos!

  • Lisa W.

    Wow – that last image with the finger is powerful beyond words.  Gave me chills. But on to the lesson of “mistakes”.    I think  this conversaton applies to all of us, photographer or not. I think it’s about changing our perspectives.  Granted, when we have a task in mind and it doesn’t turn out to our expectations or set goals, many times it can be disappointing.  Thanks for the inspriation Remy.  I plan on looking at my next “mistake” through a different lense (pun intended).  Have a spectacular day!

    • Remy

      Thanks for the support Lisa…:)