Want To Earn Points For Socializing Online? Check Out Lockerz.com

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The constant research that my product launch dream entails, will find interesting and — at least to me — new sites to explore. I’ve become addicted to the interaction of new online tools, productivity apps, or just plain fun interface design.

This latest find is an interesting mix of several new online addictions so I thought I’d review Lockerz.com to see if it might be a new reason for you to stay up all hours online.

What is Lockerz all about?

Welcome to The Social Life that Paysâ„¢. Get rewarded with major discounts on top brands, fashion, electronics and more just for collecting, watching and sharing the coolest content from around the Web on Lockerz.

Lockerz.com is a site that I am already familiar with their concept. Although I have been using several “do something for points” sites, those earned points are related to specific tasks I do in my life. Fitness, keeping track of my goals, and making healthy choices.

Lockerz has a much more broad view of earning points, or in their vernacular “PTZ”. Pretty much whatever you do on the site, can get you points.

It’s all about the PTZ® (Points). Earn Lockerz PTZ when you upload photos, grab images and videos (Decalz®) off the Web, invite friends, shop and more.

The more PTZ you earn, the more you save on the things you love, from the hottest denim brands and video games to music and local events.

PTZ (points) are your reward for sharing great content on Lockerz.com. The more you share and influence others, the more PTZ you earn. Your PTZ add up to amazing prices on the things you want from brands you love in the Lockerz Shop!

Here’s my experience in my first 30 minutes with the site:

  • I registered in a few minutes and received 500 PTZ
  • You can connect Social Networks for 1-time bump PTZ earnings
  • You get PTZ every time you grab original Decalz — another term for image, photo or video — off the web to share
  • Get more PTZ if someone grabs your Decalz for their account

Pinterest… with points

To those of you who haven’t been sucked into the Pinterest addiction, this site won’t look as familiar to you. For those who have already found the allure of pretty pictures, collections of photos, and watching the hours skip by while you are browsing? Then Lockerz.com will feel a little similar, but that is where it stops. The purpose of each site, and reason for being there, is vastly different.

Since 2009, Lockerz has quickly gone from 50 members to 20million strong and it continues to grow

Lockerz has been around a little longer than the current permeation of Pinterest, but as with most new social media/sharing sites, it was not targeted at me. I don’t feel too out of the loop by not hearing about it until recently.

In an interview with Lockerz CEO Kathy Savitt in Seattle Times she notes:

Generation Z is defined as those born between 1990 and 2010, designated as the first group to never recall a time without the Internet. Practically, the site’s target audience is college age. “This is the first generation that was born with a mouse in their hands,” Savitt said. “They don’t embrace brands the way others do, but seek out their preferences in each category.”

So basically this is the perfect site for my son. Or maybe his girlfriend.

Using what you earn

Interacting on the site is simple enough, and the addiction of exploring other users collections is appealing. The shopping options I was able to peruse had an appeal – cute modern  clothing, gift cards for retailers I use frequently, and their electronics section has several gift ideas popping into my head.

Earn PTZ! for shopping at your fav shops, eating at your fav restaurants, etc. Seriously. Just buy the gift card here, spend it how you want, and rack up a few extra Lockerz points.

Does the idea of getting points for doing something I was already planning on doing – such as buying my son new shoes at Sports Authority – interest me?

Sure. But as with all good point earning solutions, if I can’t eventually use the points on something I will really love,  I don’t want to play the game anymore. In this economy of trading for goods and deals, it may be worth the time you invest to trade for the deals you can make with your PTZ.

Win 2500 PTZ and try Lockerz yourself

We have a giveaway for 10 of our readers! If you are interested in taking Lockerz for a spin, be sure to comment and say –

Let me try Lockerz!

The first 10 will get a code that will unlock 2500 PTZ of shopping and savings for you.

Check out Lockerz.com and let me know what you think. ~ Heather


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