You Can’t Reach Your Dreams if You Are Running in Skis

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Running in SkisCreative Commons License Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Labarca via Compfight

Ever try running in skis?

Indulge me for a second, Dreamers.

Imagine you are at a very popular, crowded ski resort in the dead of winter.  You are standing on top of  the slope, looking at the path you need to conquer to head back to the lodge.  All of your friends are on the slope – some are waiting for you at the bottom. Others are just getting off the lift, right behind you.

You are skiing down the mountain and your legs start to drift apart – not in the cool ‘pizza wedge’ way, but in the “oh, shit – I’m gonna rip my groin muscle and do the splits in these semi water-proof snow pants” kind of way.

You are trying to keep both legs steady, parallel and on track.

Trying to keep your balance by waving your arms around in circles like a windmill.

Trying to get down the mountain, not rip pants and convince yourself and others that this is the way you actually like to ski.

You spend a lot of energy trying not to fall down.  Because falling is failing.

In a cold and quiet moment, you realize its just you and the skis and the snow.  And everyone is watching.

Eventually you will get to the bottom of the slope, but how?

Allow me to personalize this dreamers – and I want you to do the same.

In this story – One of my legs is my business coaching practice.  A practice not strong enough to support me skiing to the bottom all by itself.

My other leg is my pro photography dream, also by itself not strong enough yet to get to where I need to go.  Its not developed enough to stand alone and be my sole source of income.

Not even close.

You Can't Reach Your Dreams if you don't spend time working on them

I’ve been dreaming about photography my whole life.  I’ve been writing about becoming a top photographer with 8 Women Dream for 30 months.

What I realize now is I’ve been spending more energy trying not to fail at it  than I have spent finding ways to live my dreams as a photographer.

Do you ever do that?

Do you have dreams of one day becoming a photographer – one of the worlds top photographers?

It’s all out there – waiting. The world isn’t worried to much about us failing or not failing.

All the world needs are passionate Dreamers like us to grab hold of it and run.

But we have to decide what to do next, because we can’t run in skis and reach our dreams.

What is next for you?

Until next photo,



  • Sometimes it just takes a while to find your dream footing and move forward.  Time frames are good for this — I think you’ve taught us that.  But once your dreams take off… fasten your seat belt.

    • Remy

      Im fastening as we speak, Girl!  :)  TY for everything!