How I Made a New Dream

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As I mentioned last week, I have decided on a new dream, with the help of my nine year old. I wanted to still keep the travel theme because my family needs to experience the world more, so when my daughter said one day that she wanted to go to Japan, I knew that it was it. She wanted to replace the New York trip with me with a Japan one, but this needs to be a family experience. She will go to New York with me when she’s 13, (yikes).

But this dream is more than just going to Japan. My husband is Japanese, but he doesn’t know it. I forget it half the time, and the kids do too until someone says, “What are you?” I’m glad we’re past the stage of the kids asking me, “Are we Chinese or Japanese?” At least now they know for sure what they are. But that’s the limit of their knowledge, and my husband’s.

character1Both sets of my husband’s grandparents came to the United States from Japan. His parents were born and raised here. They know a little Japanese tradition. Unfortunately, his parents were in the Concentration Camps when they were teenagers, so they have plenty of bad memories. I think  because of that experience, they Americanized their children, maybe in fear that if the camps ever happened again, people would know for sure that they were American. I don’t know. All I know is that my husband doesn’t know a thing about the Japanese culture.

I want to change that, at least for the kids. They need to know where they came from. So my dream is to learn all we can about Japan and the culture. Even learn some of the language and the religion, Buddhism. This needs to be done before we travel there. So I’m going to give myself a year or two. Maybe I can even find some relatives!

As far as my “lifestyle” dream, it’s taking a bad turn. Somebody needs to slap me quick and remind me that I have a tendency to have high blood pressure and cholesterol!


Thanks, I needed that.

Till next time,


  • Kim

    Nancy that sounds fun! Yes, I want to go.

  • Hey Kim,
    Do you know about the Enmanji Buddhist Temple in Sebastopol? This Sunday, the 12th is their big Teriyaki BBQ Bazaar – the 55th Annual – a BIG deal in Sebastopol. That might be a fun way for you & the kids to check it out. It’s 10-5, and they’ll have crafts, bonsai, martial arts, taiko, and a cultural arts display. Let me know if you guys go; maybe we’ll join you. Also they do an Obon Festival.

  • Kim

    Thanks Catherine, but YOU’RE the best Your inspiration is truly appreciated. You and Heather have helped me out of my little “housewife” bubble. And you guys are hilarious. Your son is lucky too. Keep on inspiring!

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Thank you for always being there for me, for helping me with this blog, for talking me through all that comes with it, for always giving me your honest opinion and for always talking about your dream. You are the best Kim. You remember birthdays, chocolate loves, goals and favorite foods – all while running a house and raising daughters. I value your opinion and don’t know how I am ever going to thank you properly for all you have done. You are the best.
    PS. Those girls of yours are very lucky to have you for a mom….

  • Veronica

    Put me in your suit case…please

  • Suzanne Lorenz

    Fantastic insight Kim, good for you, and great visionary role for your family. I’m impressed, keep on keepin on.