How To Find Time To Work on Your Dream

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Finding TimeOne the hardest parts about dreaming is finding the time to work on your dream.

There is usually more than one way to get a certain task done.  It doesn’t matter what the task is, if it needs to get done we as wives, mothers, women find the time and energy. Unless the task is related to bettering ourselves  (mentally, physically or intelligently) to take us one step closer to our dreams – then all bets are off. When it comes to doing task for your dreams, we  find a million reasons (excuses) why we can’t get to it right now.

Here are a few ways to find some time to do something for yourself

Turn Off the TV (Computer/Video Game)

We all know we spend far too much time sitting in front of the TV but we don’t push that off button.  Do it.  Not only will you find more time for you, your whole family will have more time.  Of course that means your children will have more time to annoy you so make sure you do this when they have something to do away from you.

Don’t offer to babysit your grandchildren every day. (Say no more often)

You adore them and want to spend time with them but every day is a little much.  If you keep it up you won’t be the fun and loving grandmother you want to be.  Instead you will be the mean grandma that makes them follow all of the rules and never lets them eat cake for breakfast.  It will be like being a mom all over again.  Scale it back to no more than three days a week.

Your house doesn’t have to be spotless. (Let someone else help you)

It’s true I swear.  You think that every nook and cranny has to be clean at all times just in case (not sure what that means but I have said it myself).  The truth is that no one notices those nooks and crannies but you.  Your family and friends don’t care and I would wager even your mother-in-law doesn’t spend her time looking there. If she does then plan your away from home “you” time when she will be there- this will also double your “you” time benefit.

Practice Time Management  (Set goals, make lists, check items off)

If you don’t know what that means take a class or read up on it. I find that when I really apply all of the rules I have at least two and a half more hours in a day.  Yes, really. That doesn’t mean I am wasting time it just means I am not using it very well. The point is to find time to do something for yourself that takes you one step closer to your dream or your own personal goals and your dreams.

Most of the things we spend our so-called free time on are for others.  If you don’t do something for yourself at least once a week you will eventually lose you. Don’t let that happen.  You are important to everyone in your life – especially yourself!

How much time are you going to devote to your dream this week?

Until next week,


Dawnda left the 8 Women Dream group in 2009 to focus on finding full-time employment.  We consider her an accomplished dreamer as she published her thoughts here and began her own scary stories blog at  She now owns a portable diner in Sonoma County where she drives aroudn serving barbecued pork to raving fans.

  • Veronica

    ok now you have me looking up time management….just something else I have to do. :-)

  • I am the queen of avoiding the important stuff… I hope some of your found time has been helping you keep writing!
    – Heather

  • Catherine

    and your dream … where are we on your dream?