Who Is Michael Jackson’s Number 1 Fan

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mjThis week when I think of dreaming big I think about my youngest daughter.

She has loved Michael Jackson ever since she was about 4. She would watch DVDs of him and try to copy his moves.

Anytime his song would come on the radio, we had to be silent. And if anyone talked bad about him (you know I’ve tried) she wouldn’t hear of it.

She’s been waiting and waiting for him to go on tour so she could  see him, and asked if we could go to London for her birthday.

Then this happened.

When she first heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death, it wasn’t real to her until she listened to the radio and watched the news: all day.

By the time she went to bed, reality began to sink in and the tears came. She will never see her idol perform in real life.

We’ve had to listen and watch Michael Jackson on MTV and VH1 all weekend, (if I hear Beat It one more time, I’ll scream).

She knows all the details so far of how he died and wrote the date on her calendar.

She’s been begging for me to paint him on her wall for a year now, so now I guess I should make it happen. I asked her what color of him,  black or white? My humor wasn’t appreciated. She says he’s not black or white – just Michael Jackson.

Maybe her idol will help her pursue a dream in life as she grows up and becomes an adult.

Here is a video of her dancing like Michael Jackson at a talent show when she was 8:

Talk about a dreamer!

Till next time,


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  • I am so glad you shared the video – always adorable and a great tribute! – Heather

  • Denise

    She dances almost as well as her Aunt! Can’t wait to see the mural you paint for her.

  • Danelle, the equestrian

    I loved her comment about how he’s neither black nor white, just Michael Jackson.

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    This is so cute – everyone at my house who’s seen it thinks she is adorable. Don’t touch this – I am about to Digg, Stumble etc it …
    Soooo cute, poor thing tho – losing her icon.