Tools That Boost Your Product Launch Productivity

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No matter what I’m doing on my product launch dream, I need to keep track of what’s happening. There’s only so far the never ending stack of sticky notes will get you.

Do what, when?

I’ve had the benefit of getting to know several tracking support options in the past 6 months. From fitness tools like Fitbit to keeping on top of those Daily Feats that keep you on track to your dream.

My need to have reminders pop-up on my calendar has caused more than a few giggles or incredulous looks.

“Do you really need a reminder to eat?”

Yes. When you switch from 3 BIG meals a day to 5 super small ones, scheduling food so your calendar reminds you, and you don’t work through a snack time, works for me.

Productive and efficient

How many times have you come back home from errands, just unlocking your front door to remember…

“Arg! I forgot to pickup the (insert annoying forgotten errand here: dry cleaning, drop by the post office, picking up the milk)!”

These tools help with that issue and offer so much more.


ReQall productivity tool

You know those great ideas that pop in your head at the most inopportune moments? It could be that one critical item that needs to be added to your to-do list. Or maybe the solution to that issue you’ve been banging your head against for weeks.

You can write it on an old receipt stuck in your purse, or even on your hand. You could call yourself and leave a voice mail. All these options mean you have to manage it again — later.

The better way to manage everything we need to do in a day is ReQall. It is a task and to-do manager that gathers your brain dumps that you can send by calling, text, email or IM. The huge benefit here? It helps you organize the list by context and location. Next time you are at the office supply store, only the items that relate to that spot will be displayed on your smartphone.

The to-do list that is relevant to where you actually are make it easy to check them off that list.


EchoSign productivity tool

You are ready to have that contract signed for your product deal, and you are ready! Unfortunately, the contract is still sitting on their desk and you stress out while waiting for that countersigned copy so you can get to work. Getting a contract turned around for any deal, big or small, can be agonizing.

A great way to streamline this process is using a service like EchoSign, a digital signature service. You can upload a contract, sign it digitally and even add check boxes and specific areas to initial. Send it off to the recipient and they electronically sign it.

Saves everyone time and frustration, and lets everyone get back to business.


Evernote productivity tool

As an entrepreneur, you have ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. You gather inspiration from everywhere – things you see on the street, great blog posts, your chicken scratch on that napkin from lunch. Keeping track of all these ideas, especially when they cover multiple product launch plans, can get messy. You don’t have the time to go searching for that scrap of napkin when you are trying to get down to the teeny details of an important idea.

You can use Evernote as your idea repository. Getting organized can come in many forms — from that photo you captured on your phone, notes you can text in, capture the web page that great blog post lives at, and lots more. Catalog, organize and better yet, sync it to all your devices.

Much better than that pile of sticky notes.


DailyFeats productivity tool

I have mentioned the online community DailyFeats a few here on 8 Women Dream. Their interface me coming back to check in on what I’ve accomplished daily. My goal is to gain points they offer for my accomplishments in order to help one of the non-profit partners of my choice.

Having just launched their new online interface this week, I am anxiously awaiting the upgrade to their DailyFeats app. Not only will you continue to be able to check in your feats just like their current app supports, but the additional feature will rock my world — Location based reminders.

A few products mentioned above support this feature, but integrating my focus on those little feats that get me one step closer to a BIG goal will be great. Look for a review of the Daily Feats app once it’s out and I’ve had a chance to play.

How do you do it?

What is working for you?

Is it a combination of tools? All offline calendaring? One great solution? An old stand-by you’ve used for years and totally works for you?

Enjoy your extra productivity ~ Heather