Using Pinterest to Save and Share Dream Inspiration

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Using Pinterest to Save and Share Dream Inspiration

Happy Positive Thursday lovely dreamers!

Hope you’re having a great week. As you know, I’m someone always on the lookout for dream inspiration. When I find an article I love, I saved it in my Google Tasks to read later on. When I find an image I love, I save to my computer for potential use for a blog post later.

Enter in Pinterest, my new inspiration hub. Whenever I find an image online I love, I “pin” and save to the site.

Share Dream Inspiration on Pinterest

How to set up a Pinterest account (it’s free)  —

1. Get an invite.
Go to and request an invite. If you don’t get an invite right away let me or anyone on 8 Women Dream know and we can send you an invite too. Just let us know in the comments.

2. Create your Account
After you receive your Pinterest invite, you can begin to build a profile.

3. Adding “Pins” to build your boards
This is where you begin to share anything you like from the Internet, or from your personal images. You can even build your own “dream boards” around your dream and share your dreams with the world.

4. Follow other Pinterest users
Follow others, just as you would on Twitter. You can “like” pins and boards, comment on what people share and even re-pin their pins to share what inspires you.

Get an invite for Pinterest and start sharing

Essentially, Pinterest is an online cork board or “inspiration board” where you can save images (known as “pins”) and organize by category on to different boards. These are just a few of my boards. In this post, I’ve shared images of my Words of Wisdom, Life, Empowerment, Glitter and Crowns boards – you can view all of them here!

If you’re on Pinterest, send me your name! I’d love to follow your boards as well.


My Pinterest boards

Follow fellow (former and current) dreamer’s pins —

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  • We’ve got to get Shelly and Lisa working on their Pinerest accounts!

Do you have a favorite website you go to for dream inspiration? When you read or find something empowering, how do you save it? I’d love to know!