5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Yourself On Valentine’s Day

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Five Fun Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

I returned home from traveling just in time for Valentine’s Day, and thought I’d share some of the fun ways I like to celebrate this holiday.

For those who are in a happy relationship and have plans with your sweetie, enjoy.

For those like me who are open to being with someone wonderful, but currently single, here are a few ideas about how to have a fun Valentine’s holiday. It’s a holiday about love, so why not celebrate the true love of your life, the one who will be with you from the day you are born until the day you die – your beautiful self?

Here are some Goddess-y ways to celebrate your gorgeous self this Valentine’s Day (even if you have a partner, you might want to try some of them since you are amazing and you deserve it!).

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Yourself on Valentine’s Day— 

For the single ladies, the married ladies, the not-quite-sure-how-to-define-your-relationship-status ladies, for the women who love women, for the men out there too, single or taken, for those who are taking a break from dating, for all of you…  Pick whatever suits your fancy.

Most importantly, use today as an excuse to celebrate yourself and how awesome you are!

1) Throw a Valentine’s Orphans party.

I have done this with great success with other single friends in the past. We all gathered at someone’s house, brought plenty of wine and chocolate, and played silly games like Dirty Word Scrabble and impromptu dining room chair poetry readings (we read snippets of poetry from books around my house and from kitchen ingredients while standing on my dining room chairs!).

Invite a single friend who plays guitar to strum some background music. We drew the faces of our ex’s on balloons and then pinged them around the kitchen. It was general silliness and fun, included chocolate, wine and cuddling, and was a rousing success.

2) Treat yourself to a Goddess experience, with a whole posse of Goddesses…

It’s a perfect time to treat yourself and/or your girlfriends to a class that will help you to live your wildest dreams and to feel extra-amazing. I’m launching an 100-Day Extraordinary Woman Challenge for 100 Goddesses in March and this could be a way to step up your goals and dreams, and to ensure that this year is indeed your happiest year yet.

It’s awesome to work on goals with the support of an amazing community of women. Find out more here about how to treat yourself to this and sign up: www.100extraordinarydays.com (Men, you can buy this for a girlfriend, sister, friend or your mom!).

3) Try on a new persona.

I got this advice from a girlfriend of mine who is a sex therapist before traveling to Italy, when I was newly single. She said, just be who you feel like being, and dress accordingly… Play out a character.

Every since then, sometimes when I travel, and sometimes just for fun, I like to challenge myself to dress and act in a way that isn’t typical of my normal “persona.” If you aren’t “the type” who would normally ever wear a black miniskirt with high black boots, but have a pair tucked into the back of your closet, maybe throw a pair on today.

You can do this by rummaging through your own closet, a girlfriend’s closet (clothing swap, anyone?) or by trying on new outfits at the mall… Whether you buy one or not is up to you and your budget – sometimes it’s just fun to strut your stuff and to act out a different facet of your personality! Remind yourself how sexy and cool you are.

4) Make someone else’s day.

On Valentine’s Day, we all likely know someone who has had a recent heartbreak; who is likely to be lonely; who has been through a tough time recently. Maybe buy that person flowers, or invite them over for a candlelight dinner at your house. It may be much more uplifting for both of you than just enjoying a candlelight dinner on your own. Sometimes the best way to elevate our own spirits is to be generous and lift the spirits of someone else. Think about someone who could use a little extra love in your life today, and reach out… A card, call or Valentine might make their week!

5) Plan some future romantic travel adventures!

If you are a travel dreamer like I am, and love to explore the world, this is a fun time to dream up places to go with someone you love in the future! I love romantic destination travel, and know that just because I’m not jetting off to Positano, Italy, tomorrow, doesn’t mean that I won’t have future romantic trips with someone I love.

Valentine’s Day can be an inspiring time to make a vision board with photographs of beautiful places around the world where you would like to go in the future, whether with a paramour, with family and friends, or even as an intrepid adventurer on your own.

I know that Positano and Thailand are two of the top places currently that I’d love to travel with someone special in the future, so I’ll hold that vision and know that I’ll likely be back here someday on 8womendream writing all about it!

Most importantly today be sure to celebrate yourself for all you are… to be thankful for the gift of this life and the people in it… to appreciate yourself for all you are, and all you do. The happiest people learn to love themselves, no matter what, for all they are, knowing that loving others unconditionally starts with loving ourselves completely.

May you give yourself the gift of unconditional love today and extend that gift outwards to others as well! May this day just be an extra occasion to celebrate how awesome you are.

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