Warning: I’ve Awakened The Food Addiction Dragon Within

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food dragon

Have you ever heard of the dragon of addiction?

I have stirred the dragon and I can’t seem to get him back to sleep again.

The possibility of letting go into loss of control into food remains a constant threat throughout a food obsessed person’s lifetime. Since is a chronic problem, it can often reappear at any time. This does not depend on the period of perfect eating or the ability to exercise it off. Foodies often find ourselves beset by over indulgent eating temptations – throughout our lifetime.

Thus I like to use the term sleeping dragon.

Daryn Eller, a writer for Prevention Magazine online has 6 Ways To Ease Food Addiction, they are –

  • Smaller plates = smaller portions.
  • Lower the “sweet” volume.
  • Keep your hunger in check.
  • Work it out by working out.
  • Find other ways of coping.
  • Don’t return to the scene of the crime.

While his suggestions are sound, I think removing the chatter that goes on in our heads with meditation should always be included in any program. It’s the voice in our head that drives us to the ice cream isle at the nearest 7-11 at 2:00am.

In this video below Joan Ifland reveals how eliminating sugars and flours from our diet can dramatically improve our health and outlook on life.

She draws comparisons between food addiction and other addictions, such as drug dependence and alcoholism. She talks about the role food companies play in our growing obesity epidemic. Ifland also provides guidance on which foods to eat, which to avoid, and the best way to eat foods to reduce cravings.

What sets off the dragon is what I really want to know. Any ideas?

In the meantime, me and the dragon will be wrestling over here in the corner next to the cookie dough ice cream.


Veronica concured her food addictions in 2010 and moved on to accomplishing the dream of dating again. She left 8 Women Dream in December 2010 an accomplished dreamer.

  • Catherine

    So glad you made it. You add such a sparkle to the meetings. I value you input and think your dragons are well on their way to being put to rest. A stronger woman I have never met.

  • Dawnda

    Boy does all of that sound like my life! Sorry if I tempted you too much with those darn pretzels. They were awfully hard to stop eating. Guess it could have been a lot worse though.
    It was great to meet you – I really enjoyed your company at the meeting.

  • Kim

    I can relate! It was nice to meet you too. And of course I think you’re beautiful and don’t know what you have to worry about! But I suppose everyone has their own dragons.