Wordless Wednesday: Inspired by Photography Field Trips

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Hello Top Photographers!

This week’s Wordless Wednesday inspirational photography came from spending time in a beautiful, scenic place with over 5o people inspired for the same reason.  Below are some of my images from that outing – a Meet-up event to the San Francisco Bay Area on a beautiful February afternoon.

1. Photography Inspired by The American Flag

Wordless Wednesday inspired by the Flag

2. Photography Inspired by Strong Foundations

Wordless Wednesday Inspired by Strong foundations

3. Photography Inspired by Tenacity

Wordless Wednesday: Photography inspired by tenacity

4. Photography Inspired by Bravery

Wordless Wednesday: Photography Inspired by Bravery

5. Photography Inspired by Interaction

Wordless Wednesday: Photography Inspired by Interaction


6. Photography Inspired by Creativity

Wordless Wednesday: Photography Inspired by Creativity

7. Photography Inspired by History

Wordless Wednesday: Photography Inspired by History

Okay Top Photographers – what inspires you to create inspirational photography?

Until next photo,