How The Transition To Summer Has Me Feeling Overwhelmed

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What to write . . . tap, tap, tap . . . fingers on desk rather than striking keys . . . what to write . . . tap, tap, tap . . . what to write???

I’ve only made marginal progress getting out of my recent “funk”.  I’ve been less crabby but I’m still eating far too many cookies.  Thankfully, I polished off the Dirt Cake last night.  Whew!  No more of that to tempt me.  Now, if I can just force down the last two chocolate chip cookies today, those won’t be around to trouble me anymore either.  Just the ice cream left to go.

I think the transition to summer and the end of school may be what’s getting me.  And putting finishing touches on plans for our family vacation in July.  And trying to plan activities for my kids this summer.  And trying to figure out Tiger Cubs.  And wondering why I took on the responsibility of being “Den Mother” for Tiger Cubs.  Don’t forget Rose Parade float!  And what the heck is up with Nikki’s bumps???  And just when am I going to fit in another show with everything else that’s going on??  And then there’s the maimed yet fiesty lizard (?) salamander (?) gecko (?) my kids found yesterday, which now is resting comfortably in his new aquarium (terraium?) home on top of my dryer.  Oh, and the snail terrarium really needs some attention.  And how is it that 6 year old boys can grow 2 inches overnight, therefore making pants that fit yesterday, too short today?

O.k., you get the picture.  I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.  And I don’t have any snappy list for how to end or overcome it.

I do, however, have a new hero to tell you about.  Last Sunday, my 3 year old had her first ballet / tap recital.  Half-way through, “Mary Louise” was introduced.  A woman totters up the stairs to the stage.  She looked to be 80.  A little girl who was sitting at the foot of the stage stood up and asked, “Are you a grandmother?”  Mary Louise stopped, “Yes I am.” she said.  Mary Louise took center stage dressed in black pants, a black long sleeve t-shirt, and clunky shoes with different height soles to make up for different length legs or some other problem.  Her silver hair shone in the stage lights.  She smiled at all of us and nodded to have her music start.  A drum beat started and hip hop music pumped the speakers to life.  Mary Louise bumped into her hip hop routine and, within minutes, the crowd was clapping along, on its feet.  I don’t know how long her routine was but she had everyone in the audience moving and grooving with her.  I thought to myself, that lady’s going to live forever.

If Mary Louise can dance, I suppose I can to.

But first, I think I’ll have another cookie.


Are you feeling overwhelmed with your kids home for the summer?  I found some great tips on with an article called, Beating the Summer Blues, Part 1: Simple Variations to Summer Routines.  Check it out and let me know how you handle being overwhelmed.

danelle_50x50(Danelle left 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 and is still working  on her dream is to become an accomplished equestrian)

  • Kim

    I would of loved to see the hip hopper. You’re never too old to enjoy what you want to do. How inspirational!

  • Catherine

    It was great to see you last night and summer is always funky with kids. My guess is that you will feel better after your vacation. We loved your soup … and I wish I could have sat near you to hear more of your life. Thank you for your feedback. I can’t wait to pet Nikki and meet your little ones.