How To Launch Romance: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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As entrepreneurs we have a tendency to focus. Laser focus on whatever our latest product launch dream we are working on can make us miss the people around us.

You remember. Those people that pick up kids, occasionally make sure you eat and are truly there to support our vision.

Countdown to Romance

Valentine’s Day does have historical significance. But when you are surrounded by pink and red hearts, helping your son choose a small gift for his girlfriend, historical implications are forgotten.

My husband and I have an agreement that he is NOT allowed to buy me red roses on Valentine’s Day. I do love roses, Sterling Silver being my favorite color, all flowers are very expensive around the holiday. So instead he surprises me with flowers on random days throughout the year. I count that as very romantic.

As for gifts, I will admit that we women are the vast majority of gift receivers on this holiday so I will apologize now for lack of testosterone friendly options on the list.

Pretty sparkles from Blue Nile

Let’s be honest, while home cooked meals and roses are a thoughtful way to show your lady that you care Valentine’s Day, the real way to impress her is with the bling! Ranging from $30 to over $5,000, Blue Nile has something for everyone on your list. Take it from us, jewels are the way to every woman’s heart.

My personal favorites include the “Button Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet“, a simple and pretty bracelet with a little sparkle of silver. Those who read my posts [link] know I love a little sparkle. And the fact my birthstone is pearl is a bonus!

I would count this in my list of affordable sparkles as their list price is $42.00.

Not everyone is a fan of silver, but hugs and kisses? Definintely.

This adorable necklace is a fun twist on the traditional heart shaped pendant. I am not a fan of heart shaped pendants personally, and this has a little attitude with the great design of the XO.

Another in the “won’t break the bank” list at $50.00

Looking good with Jockey P2P

We all know that the real fun is wearing your heart on a trendy sleeve! No matter if you are single or coupled up, February 14th is just another day to flaunt your style–looking chic and fabulous! No matter what you have planned, here are a few fashionable and functional ideas to put you in any warm and adoring mood!

Ever since I started losing weight, I have been trying on clothes. Not necessarily to buy right there and then, but really to evaluate how my body was shifting and changing.

I discovered that I do love the shirt dress. I never thought I could ever pull it off but the look has always caught my eye. This adorable style is close to my favorite color too!

Offered in the Jockey P2P online Spring/Summer 2012 catalog at $75.00.

Another adorable option is a gorgeous Ruffled Cardigan. In addition to losing weight, and the 90% of my closet that went with it, I am constantly freezing. Even in California. This is a perfect topper to my layering for $64.00.

Pour the bubbly with Yellow Tail

[ yellow tail ] Bubbles Sparkling Wine comes in traditional bubbles as well as the popular rosé and is more than just a fun spin on sparkling wine, it’s the only sparkling wine in the U.S. to feature the unique Zork closure, which is resealable and keeps the bubbles bubbly until your next tub tete-a-tete.

I love sparkling wine. I know not to call it Champagne unless it’s really Champagne, but that is a lesson learned from years in the wine industry. This moderately priced sparling wine with the totally cool new closure caught my eye.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced sparkle for your Valentine’s evening toast, Traditional or Rose are both availabe in the $8-12.00 range.

Romance in the air

These options are thoughtful, simple, and covers several budgets. In my opinion they also have another huge benefit with online shopping. Admit it, you’re in front of your computer anyway so ordering is that much easier.

Here’s to romance ~ Heather

Disclaimer: Information about Blue Nile and Jockey P2P provided by Coburn Communication, Inc., [ yellow tail ] Bubbles Sparkling Wine details provided by W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd.. Any opinions expressed are my own, and opinions are based solely on my experience