Product Review: Soften Up With Nivea’s Touch Of Smoothness Body Wash

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Valentine’s Day ready skin that is a touch of smoothness

Not to gross you out, but I have an new interesting issue this winter. In addition to the dry skin from the cold and living in recycled air, my ongoing 60+ pound weight loss has me sagging and wrinkling in new places. Yuck.

I’ve done a ton of research and know with any luck, the natural elasticity in my skin will return. Eventually.

To help this process along, I have become the queen of moisturizing.

Super smooth moisture

This silky cream-wash with smoothing almond essence gives you incredibly soft skin while cleansing very mildly. Formulated with NIVEA’s Hydra IQ Technology to leave your skin smooth and moisturized, and to provide a shower experience that lasts and lingers.

When I got the request to review Nivea’s Touch Of Smoothness Body Wash it was perfect timing. Just running low on my Nivea moisturizer, I thought I’d put this to the ultimate test.

With just the Touch Of Smoothness Body Wash, and no additional moisturizer, would I turn into an alligator?

Thankfully, no.

The Touch Of Smoothness Body Wash does have a nice mild scent, and a little goes a long way. The feel is slick and another bonus? I was able to shave my legs with just the body wash, without having to use my shave gel.

One less thing to apply in the shower works for me.

Put to the test

Whatever the Hydra IQ Technology is, it works for me. Before even getting out of the shower, you can tell your skin is moisturized. 5 days now without any additional moisturizer and I’ve got the super soft skin to prove it.

I would recommend trying this product out for anyone who is battling the winter dryness. Better yet, it helps you skip the full body moisturizing routine! There’s a few more minutes back in my morning I can appreciate.

Want to know more?

Visit NIVEA’s Facebook page where you can find fun interactive apps and great tips on skincare!

Enjoy the smoothness ~ Heather

Disclaimer: A sample of Nivea Touch Of Smoothness Body Wash product was provided to me by New Media Strategies. Any opinions expressed are my own, and opinions are based solely on my experience with the Nivea products and brand reviewed.