Monday Off: Valentine’s Day Travel Dreams

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Valentine’s Day is less than a month away.

It’s a holiday we usually don’t associate with travel, which is why it just might be the perfect holiday to plan a dream getaway.

It certainly is less congested than traveling over Thanksgiving or Christmas.

It is the off-season for some places, so you can easily spot a hotel, resort, flight or cruise deal with enough searching.

It’s only a little over a month removed from New Year’s, so if you resolved to travel more or experience a significant change in your life–now’s your chance.

Lastly, Valentine’s Day, which falls in the middle of February comes at a time when most parts of the world are in the middle of–or already sick of enduring–a long, dreary winter. A little sun (aka “hope for brighter, spring days ahead”) is almost required to fight off the seasonal effectiveness disorder (SAD) that sets in from like of sun.

Monday Off: Valentine's Day Travel

Photo from Gray Line New York

My question to you on this Monday is: why not travel somewhere or gift yourself, your girlfriends or your special someone with a chance to explore on this Valentine’s Day?

You can snag a last-minute travel deal (Try to somewhere warm and spend Valentine’s Day in the sunshine–with a sweetheart or solo by yourself. The sun will be all the companionship you need!

Single? You and your single girlfriends can spend Valentine’s Day night together having a trip-planning party to decide on a place to visit that everyone’s heart will desire.

Got a date? Travel in style for the date. The horse carriage rides throughout the cities are the first things that come to mind, but think outside the box–take bikes or a double-Decker bus to be a tourist in your own city.

Live in New York? Our friends at Gray Line New York just let us in on their great Valentine’s Day deal: The Night on the Town Tour

They say:

Gray Line New York (the iconic red double-Decker buses in NYC) is offering a romantic date option for couples or anyone who wants to see the dazzling side of New York City with their Night on the Town tour

This night tour includes:

  • fully guided tour of lower Manhattan in the comfort of a heated motor-coach;
  • romantic dinner at one of Little Italy’s oldest restaurants;
  • cruise on board NY Watertaxi where you’ll stop for a champagne toast at close-up view of the Statue of Liberty;
  • guided walking tour of the new Highline Park in the Meat packing district;
  • And a ticket for a jaw dropping view of the city skyline from the Top of the Rock Observatory.

The tours depart at 6:00 p.m. from Gray Line New York ’s visitor center at 777 8th Avenue , and return at 10:30 p.m. This tour, at regular price, is available daily. For more information, please visit

Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day travel spots that you enjoy? (I think I might be hitting up the ever-romantic Las Vegas.)  Let me know where you like to go!


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