Wordless Wednesday: San Francisco Adventures

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1. San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge —

Wordless Wednesday: Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Adventures

2. Alcatraz Island on the San Francisco Bay —

Wordless Wednesday: Alcatraz Island San Francisco Adventures

3. San Francisco Seabird —

Wordless Wednesday: Seabird on San Francisco Adventures

4. California Cypress in San Francisco —

Wordless Wednesday: California Cypress San Francisco Adventures

5. California Cypress Against a San Francisco Sky —

Wordless Wednesday: California Cypress Against Sky San Francisco Adventures

6. Chinatown San Francisco —

Wordless Wednesday: Chinatown San Francisco Adventures

7. TransAmerica Building San Francisco Financial District —

Wordless Wednesday: TransAmerica Building San Francisco Adventures

8. Golden Gate Bridge Span —
Wordless Wednesday: Golden Gate Bridge Span San Francisco Adventures

9. San Francisco Pier —

Wordless Wednesday: SF Bay Pier San Francisco Adventures

10. San Francisco Chinatown Textures —

Wordless Wednesday: Chinatown Textures San Francisco Adventures

11. Sailboats on the San Francisco Bay —

Wordless Wednesday: Sailboats on the SFBay San Francisco Adventures

Wordless Wednesdayinspiration came from spending time with great friends in a beautiful place — San Francisco.

What photo(s) do you like best? Take my poll below and tell me!

Until next photo,


  • Emiko

    I like the Chinese lantern covers, the tile roof in Chinatown and the Transamerica skyscraper. Very inspiring.

    • thanks Emiko! Are you a photographer? If so, where can I see your work? Rem

  • I can tell you are loving your new camera. Love these photographs. They make me want to go to San Francisco!


    • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

      thank you! love the camera…ox Rem