Monday Off: Top 8 Travel Destinations I Fell In Love With

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Monday off: Arizona Grand Canyon from Pima Point

In the last 12 months my dream life has lead me from Chicago to my move in Arizona, which is where I currently reside.

That move in and of itself allowed me to kick off my dream year with a road trip from Chicago to Arizona–with a skiing layover in Colorado. After that, I made a point to make the most of my living situation and explore as much of Arizona and the southwest as possible.

I’ve made my way around Arizona embracing the outdoors and unique topography, landscapes and climate states of the region.

I’ve also spent some time in Miami Beach, southern Utah, Las Vegas and northern California. Here is a review of some of my favorite places I stumbled on along the way.

Top 8 Travel Destinations I Fell in Love With

1. Vail, Colorado

Monday off: Vail Colorado

2. Sedona, Arizona

Monday off: Summer in sedona

3. South Beach, Miami 

Monday off: South Beach, Miami

4. Southern Utah

Monday off: Southern Utah

5. Holbrook, Arizona

6. Glen Ellen, California

Monday off: Glen Ellen California

7. Jerome, Arizona

Monday off Wine Travel: Arizona Wine Country City of Jerome

8. Grand Canyon, Arizona 

Monday off: Katie at the edge of the Grand Canyon

I know my journeys have focused mainly on the southwest part of America. I always thought travel needed to be “big” to take me somewhere.

Despite staying domestic in the last year, I couldn’t have been happier with the places my travel dreams did take me.

Arizona and the southwest were–and still are–two new areas to my eyes.

I learned that travel is more than fancy accommodations and seeing centuries-old monuments–travel is about seeing and exploring different sides to yourself and the world around you.

No matter where you might reside in this wide world of ours, there is always something new to venture out towards or new ways of looking at familiar places.

If you need some advice on how to best see your hometown from a different angle, I suggest showing it off to a tourist or a friend who has never seen your part of the world. If you don’t have an out-of-town visitor on your calendar, go act like a tourist in your town for the day.

Here’s to more exciting dream adventures ahead for all of us this year–cheers to #Monday Off!


  • brenda

    Jerome is a funky great place. Your trips look like fun.

  • Katie

    Thanks, Cath! You are the best!
    I owe the great year of travel to you. Without your big dreams and your big blog, I would not be inspired to keep traveling.
    Also, I think helping your son with his homework is a HUGE feat! Just think, it will make him a smarter more wordly person who can return the travel favor to you someday :)

  • Wow Katie, what a year you have had. Aren’t you kind of amazed when you look at it? talk about a travel dreamer!

    You moved from Chicago to Arizona, found a new career, and visited these places … in a year!

    I helped my son with homework…

    Sometimes we get so focused on how we think our dreams should look that we don’t see them really happening before our eyes. Look what a travel dreamer you are … and not to mention all the great travel interviews and travel bloggers you had!

    A great year I think!