Positive Thursday: Dreaming When You Feel ‘Just Okay’

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Buy How Are You Feeling Today? by Jim Borgman at Art.comHi dreamers!

Can you believe we only have a few days left until Christmas and less than two weeks left in 2011? Time seriously flies. December has been a crazy month full of ups and down. For the first time, I haven’t had a winter break from school. For the first time, I haven’t been in typical “winter weather.” For the first time, I’ve been an adult.

Weird huh?

While I’d like to tell you every day of December was cheerful and happy, the opposite is true. I want to share a story and pieces from a blog post recently. I’m someone who is genuinely upbeat, happy, positive and enthusiastic. When I’m not feeling that way, it’s weird. It’s off. Instead of avoiding and combating those rough days, I’m slowly learn to accept them. To acknowledge them.

To be okay with the fact that some days are “just okay.”

As we approach the holiday season (sooner than later!), I encourage you to be okay with being okay. The holidays can be stressful and especially hard for certain people. We are often flooded with memories or feelings that might not come around all the time. Today, as you prepare for your weekend festivities – even if that means just curling up with a good book and a cup of tea – I’d like to remind you to breathe deeply and treat yourself gently. We all have off days, off moments, off moods.

What matters is recognizing that those feelings won’t last forever and we have the power to start each day brand new. Accept the day, mood, emotion for what it is – and move forward. Learning this and accepting “okay” days has been hard – but looking back especially on the last week, so so refreshing. I hope my words help you!

As always, thanks for reading and happiest of holidays to you and your family!

Pick yourself up

Everything will be okay

Yesterday was not a good day. But you know what? Today will be.

I’m not sure what happened exactly yesterday. I’m thinking it was a mix of painfully missing my family, a major lack of real sleep and a few personal mishaps I’ve had lately. I just realized that the past month looked like this: Thanksgiving, impromptu trip to Portland, 2-day work retreat in Sonoma, office holiday party, friend’s birthday bash, two insanely crazy weeks at work, trip to Tahoe and way more social activity than I’m used to Monday-Friday.

I have to be honest with you, I had a mini breakdown yesterday.

Talking to my mom in the middle of the day (yes, tears involved) was an absolute lift. She reminded me that yes, it’s important to be positive. Absolutely! But it’s so so so important to remember that being honest and realistic is not the same as being negative. Life doesn’t (and won’t) always be butterflies and rainbows and days where you want to jump up and down all the time. It’s more than okay to just feel “okay.”

Today’s Positive Thursday message is all about feeling okay. More importantly, it’s about being okay with feeling…just okay. As dreamers, it’s vital to learn how to accept and acknowledge how you feel and then be able communicate that effectively to yourself and people that love you.

I’m someone who views life through a “glass half-full” lens, but I’m learning that I need to recognize that some things, situations, moods and feelings are hard and difficult and sometimes sad. That doesn’t make me a negative person, that doesn’t make me a complainer or a quitter – that makes me human.

Mom’s main piece of advice stuck with me: Acknowledging something is hard, challenging or stressful is reality and part of being human. And very different than complaining. 

That’s where I’m at today – and I can already feel today being better than yesterday.

It's okay
Lyrics to Live By

I'll bring snacks

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful holiday, even if you are just feeling okay.


  • Family and friends and lots of time together was our holiday. Such a great time just to be with people. I didn’t feel rushed at all, but I’m with you, I can NOT believe 2011 is done. I know 2012 has lots of great things in store for you, Andi. I can feel it. xo Rem

  • I think this holiday season has been hard for many people. No one really wants to spend any money and everyone wants a new and better 2012, so can 2011 just be over already? At least this is the sentiment I’ve been seeing.

    We try and keep our holidays small for this reason. Simple ideas. Simple food. No big lavish Christmas dinners, just a nice breakfast and a day spent in pajamas. Maybe a good movie … maybe some hot chocolate. No rushing around to see people … no Christmas cards.

    Instead I try to be very kind when driving, when going through the store and being the holiday spirit however I can.

    Exhaustion can really mess with your emotions and we often need to make ourselves stop and spend that day in our pajamas.

    Love, Catherine