8 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Frequent Traveler in Your Life

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It’s that time of year where everyone is busy running around for the holidays buying last minute gifts.  Do you have a travel dreamer in your life?  Is there someone in your family who is always taking off to parts unknown?  I’ve put together 8 travel accessory ideas to make shopping easier for your wanderlust traveler . . .

8 Christmas gift ideas for the traveler in your life

1. The Grid-ItTravel Gifts: The Grid It

The Grid-It organization system is a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands made specifically to hold personal objects firmly in place. Designed to provide endless configurations of digital devices and personal effects.

Slim design and conveniently sized for your current laptop bag or travel case, lets your traveler easily find what they need. Features rear zippered pocket for additional storage. (Available from Flight 001)

2. Austin House Travel Laundry KitTravel gift: Travel Laundry Kit

Travel Laundry Kit by Austin House. Contains five .25 oz. Liquid Woolite detergent sachets for delicates, a sink stopper for sinks without a plug and a laundry line to hang-dry laundry.

The laundry line has suction cups and a cord that stretches to more than the standard tub size. Clothes are held in place without clothes pins; merely separate the twisted cord and place the article of clothing between the cords. (Available at Sears)

3. Boarding PouchTravel Gift: Victorinox Swiss Army Boarding Neck Pouch

This Victorinox Swiss Army Boarding Neck Pouch is TSA approved. A soft, adjustable lanyard zippered pocket for coins and other loose items features elastic zipper pull cover to hold the zipper in a closed position for additional security.

A micromesh slot keeps ID visible and accessible for quick use. Two large pockets store tickets, passports, traveler’s checks and most sizes of currency. (Available at Swiss Army)

4. Foreign Electrical Adapters and ConvertersTravel Gift: Foreign Electrical Adaptors and Converters

Alleviate stress fro your travel friend over foreign electricity by getting them a foreign electrical adapter kit. 98% of the appliances that possess a battery charger are dual voltage and will simply need an adaptor plug to get into the foreign outlets.

These low wattage appliances do not have a switch for converting foreign voltage such as with dual voltage, high wattage appliance like a hair dryer. These type of dual voltage, low wattage appliances have no switch and reduce the 240 voltage automatically. 98% of the battery chargers for laptops, digital camera’s, video cameras, men’s shavers, IPod’s, etc. are dual voltage and do not need a converter. (Available at Packing Light)

5. Shelves-To-GO®Travel gift: Shelves-To-GO®

One of the most innovative travel products on the market. Your traveler can forget those dirty, dusty hotel drawers and no more worrying about lost socks, ties, shirts or belts. this product allows a traveler to unpack your clothes and repack in seconds.

It eliminates the need to live out of a suitcase. Clothes stay fresh, clean, and neatly pressed in your suitcase and hanging in your hotel room. (Available at Shelves To Go)

6. Dual-Voltage Fabric SteamerTravel Gifts: Dual-Voltage Fabric Steamer

Whether your traveler travels for business or pleasure there might be moments where he or she wants a more polished appearance. the perfect solution is a compact travel iron or fabric steamer.

Although most deluxe hotels will readily supply an iron, the traveler pressed-for-time will appreciate the convenience bringing along their own travel iron or fabric steamer. They are great for disinfecting surfaces too. (Available at Travel Gear)

7. A Money BeltTravel Gift: Rick Steves Silk Money Belt

Protect your traveler from pickpockets by giving them a money belt. The Rick Steves Silk Money Belt keeps money, airline tickets, passport, and other important documents safe and sound, just inside the waistline of pants.

It’s made of spun silk so it’s comfortable against skin, and the adjustable elastic waistband means it’ll fit anyone. The main compartment even has a moisture-barrier liner to protect documents from perspiration on the hottest days. (Available from Le Travel Store)

8. Convertible Carry-On BagTravel Gift: Rick Steves Convertible Carry-On Bag

This bag is one of the lightest full-size carry on bags available due to the fact that it contains no frame. For best results and extended carrying comfort, Rick Steeves recommends his Packing Cube Set as an essential packing aid.

When used with the two internal and four external cinch-tight compression straps, packing cubes will help to maintain the structure of the bag and distribute the load much more evenly across the back. This bag can go from carry on to back pack. (Available at Rick Steves’ site)

Rick Steves wants all travelers to be aware that new fees for checked luggage (and fears of lost luggage) are causing many travelers to increase what they carry on board, overwhelming the overhead compartment capacity of some flights. As a result, airline personnel are sometimes rejecting carry-on bags that comply with published regulations. Always check with your airline to confirm carry-on restrictions, and be prepared to check your bag if asked.

And never pack anything you couldn’t live without — in case it gets lost or stolen.

What are your favorite, must-have travel accessories?


  • Heather Montgomery, Product Launch Dreams

    Love the Grid-It! I want that for my purse. The shelves are very cool and perfect for those itty-bitty European hotels.

    I always loved my clothing pouches for traveling. They are supposed to hold a few perfectly folded shirts FLAT. I put so much in them to keep almost everything flat and easy to pack. Plus nothings floating around inside your travel bag!

    Thanks for these great gift ideas – Heather

  • God how I wish I had shelves to go when I traveled for work! That thing is so cool. I learned by my third trip out that I needed a boarding pouch just to get on to a flight. I can tell you how many times I had to show my ID and boarding pass before getting on a plane. It was just so much easier to have a flat pouch-bag over your shoulder that you could quickly access along with cocktail money to celebrate you got though check-in and passing through security after practically stripping.