The Genius Diet Conclusion: The Travel Trip Test

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Rayne's dream was to write her memoir and found a global support community for adult children of toxic mothers. This summer she completed her book, which inclues her story of growing up with not one, but two super toxic mothers as well as a mosiac of mini-memoirs of women from all over the world who have created happy and peaceful lives despite toxic parenting. Her book, Toxic Mom Toolkit, is published on and Create Space. Her Facebook page Toxic Mom Toolkit, attracts over 250,000 per month and is a safe place to read or tell healing stories, exchange positive strategies on how to live with toxic parenting and lots of humor and resources. A freelance journalist, she currently writes a food & drink page for several Bay Area newspapers and is a private writing coach.

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The Travel Trip Test: Rayne on the Brooklyn BridgeHow I actually lost weight during a theater week in New York City.

A month ago I flew to New York City on an anniversary trip with my husband. We were treating ourselves to a week of Broadway shows, New York shopping and fine dining.

To make it a little more interesting, a week before our trip I caught my shoe on uneven pavement and broke my left shoulder.

Strapped up tight with painkillers in my pocket we flew cross-country and began an adventure that included my newly acquired eating guidelines.

My first rule was eating protein and fruit at breakfast — and I did that most mornings. But I was in New York and I wanted to eat a fresh bagel, toasted, slathered with butter, which did not resemble the healthy yogurt butter I use at home in any way.

My nutritionist told me that when I cheat — CHEAT!  “Enjoy it!” But know that it’s a cheat and try not to cheat twice a day. And after cheating get right back up on the healthy eating horsie.

Several morning we enjoyed sitting on stools in the windows of an Upper West side deli, people watching. I sat there smiling knowing that one bagel was not going to make me instantly fat. We took off walking with bananas in our pockets for a mid-morning snack. We ordered nutritious lunches that included Chipotle burrito bowls, gourmet truck food, and mushroom omelets with turkey bacon and fruit on the side.The Travel Trip Test: Rayne on travel in New York

We used the subway and walked for miles, including hot-footing it over The Brooklyn Bridge. Each night we took in a show with our adult beverages in snap-lid sippie cups.

There were days when my shoulder hurt so much — or a subway turnstile whacked me, reducing me to tears – but I sucked it up and kept walking visiting Rockefeller Center, Ground Zero and standing in line each morning for half-price same day theater tickets.

Flying home, I figured having followed my plan for the most part; I would certainly have maintained my weight.  The worst-case scenario would be gaining a pound or two.

Did I mention that we went to our favorite bistro Le Loup where I literally had a huge plate of pom frites for dinner?

Rayne losing weight in New York cityMy vacation ended as my 10-week program with my nutritionist also concluded. During that time I had re-wired my brain about food, re-written my shopping list and realized that what we eat creates eating patterns.

With help I had developed a pattern of losing an average of one to two pounds per week.

If I could enjoy a vacation that included an occasional mindful “cheat” treat or meal and not let it derail me, maybe I really had learned the most important lesson: What we eat translates into how we care for ourselves, how we nurture ourselves, even how we love ourselves.

I stepped on my scale, looked down and smiled.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. Could it really be possible that during my wonderful vacation I had actually lost four pounds?

I had indeed, thanks to education, encouragement and turkey bacon.

Lots and lots of turkey bacon.


  • Jena

    Very good post! I definitely love this web site. Good for you for not gaining weight on your trip! It is great when we dieters stay in the groove. I try to remember how good it feels so that I don’t go fall for the whispering lies in my head that tell me candy would be good, or anything like that. I hope your injury heals soon. J

  • Wow, what a powerful statement, “What we eat translates into how we care for ourselves, how we nurture ourselves, even how we love ourselves.”

    What is in the air? You fall … I fall. I tripped too … but you a broken shoulder — how painful. Then to go on your vacation… lordy you are a trooper.

    I’ve loved these stories on your weight loss journey, which was really more of a health journey. Hopefully they will motivate me to get out of the pre-contemplation stage into the action stage.

    I hope your shoulder is healing quickly.

    I will miss your posts.