Wordless Wednesday: Every Picture Tells a Story

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Dreamers, it’s Wordless Wednesday. By design, I’ve already written too many words.

Every once in a while, I’ll post a series of shots highlighting a day on my path to becoming a top photographer.  Armed today with only my cell phone camera, I captured a very rare day outside my own office as a professional business coach.

Today was one of those days for me.  All work – no dreaming (well kinda).

The top photographer practice intent is simple – find yourself in a moment and capture a story through your images.

What is your Wordless Wednesday story?  Here’s mine.

Its half past dark o’ clock.  Leaving the house fueled up.

Wordless Wednesday Coffee Dreams by Remy Geravis

I’m not used to sharing the road.

Wordless Wednesday: rearview morning by Remy Gervais

 Traffic towards town is horrible the other way, too. Apparently the bugs on my windshield didn’t make it either.  How do normal people DO this everyday?

Wordless Wednesday: The other way by Remy Gervais

Early morning walkers take the nice stroll over.

Wordless Wednesday: Bridge over troubled Freeway by Remy Geravis

Arrive – Destination Start-UP company.  Head down. Work for 8 hours. Commute back home.

Wordless Wednesday: Startup Business by Remy Gervais

Merging. Creeping.  Shooting.

Wordless Wednesday:  Merging

Glad to be at home, but the exercise partner waits patiently.

Wordless Wednesday: Murphy Waits by Remy Gervais

Top Photographers, What’s your story today?

Until next photo,


  • I love this. The best part was the gift waiting for a walk when you got home.

    I don’t miss those stuck in traffic commutes either!


    • Remy

      Thanks Cath he’s a real trooper.

  • Heather

    My photo story today would start with a really dark photo… since there’s no light when I leave the house!

    Thanks for these – Heather

    • Remy

      Dark is not good for images…but I’m sure you will be creative…xo thanks for the note. Rem