8 Best Places to See in the Fall and Travel the World

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8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Fall Colours Reflected in the River, Vermont, USA by Art.com

I love fall.

In fact, I love it so much that I rarely travel during this time of year. I’m an admitted fall traditionalist and romantic.

Growing up in the Midwest, my version of fall is similar to the mass media images that sell cable-knit sweaters and caramel apples.

To me, I stay put to wrap myself in scarves and argyle sweaters to attend chilly collegiate football tailgates, full-moon bonfires and walk quietly along sidewalks to hear nothing but the crunch of a palette of leaves under my boots and see the steam drift from the lid of my pumpkin-spiced latte.

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Pumpkin-Latte by Katie

Determined to burst my traditional seasonal perspective, I wonder, what’s fall like around the world?

Could I trade in my flavored lattes and brown leather boots for fragrant tropical flowers that gentle float off Balinese trees? Skiing and swimming in the same day in South America? Sunbathing on the Dead Sea? Sightseeing in Taiwan in sandals and sleeveless shirts?

Since I am staying stagnant in terms of fall travel, I called upon my global citizen friends and fellow 8 Women Dreamers to showcase their current destinations for the fall.

Beyond just a fall visit, these places are easily worth spending the rest of the year in.

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Fall in Flagstaff Arizona by Katie Eigel

8 Great Places to See:

1.  Amman, Jordan

Sunbathing on dreamy beach-scapes of the Dead Sea and visiting ancient Roman ruins? It might sound more like a dream summer vacation, but all of the above can be complete in an Amman autumn. (October only averages 275.9 hours of sunshine, according to World Meteorological Organization)

My friend and former co-worker, who snapped these great shots, lives in Amman, Jordan’s capital and one of the most prosperous Middle Eastern cities that continues to welcome millions of international visitors a year.

According to Carla, her pictures are representative of fall because not only were they taken in October, but the clouds present only come out in the fall and the lighting is very clear, crisp, yellow and everything is so vivid (shadows/colors).

Travel the World: 8 Great Places to See - Fall in Jordan

Travel the World: 8 Great Places to See - Fall in Jordan ocean view

Travel the World: 8 Great Places to See - Fall ruins in jordan

2.  Bali, Indonesia

Eat, pray, love. Or in the case of my cousin Jeff – work (hard in America), save (your money) and spend (the fall in Bali).

Temperatures rarely drop below 75 degrees in October, which lends to plenty of tropical exploration, ample beach activity and time to watch the flowers fall from the trees – although I don’t think they have the same “crunch-under-your-feet effect” as the maple leaves.

Travel the World: 8 Great Places to See - Fall in Bali by Jeff

Travel the World: 8 Great Places to See - Fall-in-Bali by Jeff

Travel the World: 8 Great Places to See - Fall in Bali sunset by Jeff

3.  Chile, South America

The VW-bus-globe-trotting family behind BodesWell is back! I interviewed them back in How to Live the Dream and Travel the World. They are now 2 years, 2 months and 10 days into their around the world excursion.

These days, they are spending fall (or spring in South America) in Central Chile, a place they compare to California. A place where you can ski in the morning and then head to the beach. For us fall traditionalists, trading in sweaters and boots for sandals and bikinis could be a nice change of pace.

Here Bode is skiing in Nevados de Chillan and then hiking in Cobquecura.

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Fall in Chile with snow by Bode

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Fall in Chile at the ocean by Bode

4.  London, England

This picture from Clapham Common park in London, shot by my artistically talented friend Emily and the star of my post How to Live the Dream and Move to London, is like a scene from a 70’s travel magazine.

It’s warm, welcoming and I’m just looking for a mustached-man in a turtleneck to pop out from around the tree and start strumming his six string.

Emily, who has spent almost two years aboard, states that fall in London is her favorite time of year.

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Fall in London by Emily

5.  San Francisco, Sonoma, California

These gorgeous fall colors were captured by two fellow dreamers who are lucky enough to live in the Northern California neck of the woods –  Andi Teggart, who shot the bottom photo in San Francisco and Remy Gervais, who shot the top photo in Sonoma.

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Fall in Sonoma COunty by Remy Gervais

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Fall in San Francisco by Andrea

6.  Taipei, Taiwan

My friend Eli is completing a masters program in Taipei, Taiwan. Him and his girlfriend spent an overcast, yet easy-going October day at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial.

Despite the clouds, the temperatures average in the 80s this month. Sandals and short sleeves it is.

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Fall in Taipei by Ellie

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Taipei in the fall

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Taipei in the Fall by Ellie

7.  Troy, New York

Lisa Powell Graham, our 8 Women Dreamer, lives in this beautiful part of the country, which is near Albany, New York. Troy is home of the original Uncle Sam and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, one of the nation’s finest universities.

Most of these shots were taken at a lake-house on Taconic Lake in Grafton, NY right near Troy.

From VisitTroyNY:

“There are so many reasons to visit TROY.NY: You can explore 200 years of American architecture in a single afternoon. See the city’s famous Tiffany windows, brownstone row houses and historic college campuses. Stroll along the river where Henry Hudson landed 400 years before, as you watch boats and passenger ships cruise toward the Erie Canal and Great Lakes.”

8 Best Places to See in the Fall  - Fall leaves in New York

 v - Fall in New York state by the water

   v - Fall afternoon in New York state

8.  Willamette Valley, Oregon 

Home to 8 Women Dreamer, Shellie Croft and her beautiful winery, the Willamette Valley is rapidly becoming a fall favorite for wine lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

From TravelOregon:

“The Willamette Valley is the heart of Oregon’s agriculture country. During spring and summer growing seasons, roadside stands dot the country lanes, and farmers’ markets appear in the valley’s historic towns. Covered bridges beckon drivers to explore the many back roads, and the valley’s flat terrain and temperate climate make it a favorite for hikers and cyclists, who also enjoy the paved paths in the college towns of Eugene and Corvallis. Nestled among its rolling hills are over 200 wineries producing a medley of vintages–Pinot noir, Pinot gris and Riesling to mention a few. The valley, dubbed Oregon’s Wine Country, is one of Oregon’s major wine-growing regions.”

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Oregon wine grapes at the fall harvest by Shellie Croft

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Fall in the Oregon Wine Country by Shellie Croft

8 Best Places to See in the Fall - Fall vineyards in Oregon by Shellie Croft

Jordan, Bali, Chile, London, San Francisco, Taiwan, upstate New York and Oregon wine country … where in the world are your best places to see in the fall?


  • Great post Katie!! However pretty Fall may be here…..we don’t have Pumpkin Spice Lattes!! Lucky you! :)

  • Heather Montgomery, Product Launch Dreams

    Fall starts my official baking season and Halloween is my favorite holiday! Thanks for these gorgeous photos. No plans myself to travel this fall, but luckily I can walk out my door and enjoy Sonoma County wine country!

    Great post – H

  • Lisa Powell, Author & Serial Traveler

    Oh Katie! What a stunning collection of photos! I want to travel to all of those places, now! ;) Wow, way to whet my appetite… :) Thanks for sharing… And I’m so incredibly honored that sweet little Troy, New York snuck in there with glamourous destinations like Bali and Chile and Amman…

    I’ve actually been fortunate to travel to many of these places. But not Bali yet! It keeps moving up the list!

    Enjoy those pumpkin spice lattes! :)


  • Lovely photos!

    I love Fall — especially Halloween. I’m just not such a fan of winter and the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

    I do love the sound from the fireplace and old black and white movies on a rainy day.

    Ah and pumpkins…


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