Product Review Keurig Brewer: What Is The Best Coffee?

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Product Review Keurig Brewer: What Is The Best Coffee?

Before I dive into this week’s product review, I have a confession to make.

I am a coffee snob

I blame my husband for weaning me off of latte’s and over roasted cups that required cream and sugar. His own addiction to really good coffee took a while to rub off on me, but we are pushing 13 years together and that tends to happen eventually.

When I was approached to review the single cup brewing system by Keurig I jumped at the chance for 2 reasons:

  1. I wanted to see just how convenient it was to have a fresh, hot cup of coffee anytime I want
  2. I get to give one away!

Yes, you read right. We have the opportunity to give a brand new Keurig Platinum Brewing System away to a lucky reader. Want to win one of your own? Details are later in this post, so keep reading.

Pretty shiny things

Those who have been keeping up with my product launch reviews know I have a desire for well designed things. It can be packaging, the interaction of an online interface, or just well thought out product design. When done right, design makes me happy.

Keurig coffee platinum system box

Keurig does it right as soon as you open the box. Clear photography and clean design makes you want to tear open everything and get to the product as soon as possible. The simple illustrations in the user manual and getting started guide keeps the easy experience going.

Keurig coffee platinum system

The set-up and prep for getting ready to brew the first cup took a whopping 5 minutes. I knew the concept of single cup brewers, but having never played with one before, I had to take a few moments to push all the buttons.

Keurig coffee

After spreading out the dozen varieties that come with the Keurig Platinum Brewing System we chose the “Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Coffee” for the first cup to taste test. It was a decent cup, not as bold as I was expecting, but great color and flavor.

keurig coffee brewing

The machine had a super quick response and quiet brewing. For those of us who occasionally burn the midnight oil, having a way to get a caffeine boost without waking the house is a bonus. Overall a pretty good result for such a quick process.

Add some flavor

I had to try a flavored coffee for a change of pace. Disclaimer: I’m not a huge fan of flavored coffees. We never brew them in our big coffee maker after having a bad experience with a flavor that lingered far after the pot was gone.

This is the perfect way to try something new. The “Van Houtte French Vanilla Coffee” smelled great while brewing and had a light vanilla note in a mild city brew.

Everyone in the house wanted to play with the new shiny object. We looked at the over 240 K-Cup varieties available, including some of my favorites like Chai Tea and several hot chocolate options to keep my son happy.

The Keurig Platinum Brewing System is quite the pretty, shiny appliance. And the “Gloss Cinnamon” color looks great in my kitchen.

What is the best coffee?

If you are looking for a quick easy coffee experience, this just may be the perfect solution for you. Is it the best coffee? Not having tried all 249 varieties I have to say my jury is still out. But I can tell you for our crazy mornings around here, a quick cup can make the difference between an on-time school drop off or hearing the tardy bell as you pull up.

You want one of your own, don’t you

Keurig just had a take-over event in San Francisco where they were having sampling events throughout the city to let everyone have a taste of what a quick cup of coffee can bring you. Did you miss it like I did?

Here’s where you can get a shot at receiving your very own Keurig Platinum Brewing Systems. Answer this question in the comments below and the 8 Women Dream team will pick the winner by November 18th.

How would a Keurig single-serve under a minute “Way To Brew” better your brewing experience and help you in the morning or in your daily activities?

Give it a thought after your waiting more than a minute for your next cup of coffee, and let us know.

Happy launching – Heather

A big thank you to R. Mabry Photography for the photos in this article! It does help being married to a professional photographer.

  • Heather

    And the winner is… Courtney McMahon! It was a REALLY tough choice and I know she is going to love it. To quote Courtney “I’m so excited, you have no idea!!!”

    Keep on dreaming and enjoy your Keurig Platinum Brewing experience!

    • THANK YOU!! I’m so excited and looking forward to using the Keurig!! I’ll send a picture when I receive it! What a great surprise and one that will definitely be enjoyed!


  • I am reposting here. I think I posted to facebook instead of the contest page.

    Great article. It’s so funny because my husband and I were just talking about this coffee system. For me, it would be perfect at my studio. Instead of brewing a full pot of coffee, and drinking only half throughout the day, (which would be not very cost effective), one cup at a time would do the job. If I had clients come in for a meeting, it would be simple just to have everything set up, and offer a cup of coffee of their choice. Instead of carrying a cup of coffee to work, I could get to the studio early, have my Ah Ha moment, have a cup of java, and delve into my day. I would love to have this unit! Thanks for the product review.

  • I didn’t try the keurig in the breakroom at the hospital for a long time because I don’t drink coffee– I’m a Chai tea girl- but then I realized it’s not just for coffee and I’m 100% hooked. The only reason I wish I worked more than 3 days a week is for the keurig!! It’s definitely something on my ‘frivalous purchases’ list….when the winery is super successful! ;-)

  • Donna MCDonald

    I think Dunkin Donuts has the best coffee. I have never been to a shop but I always buy their coffee. Keurig is great because they have a filter that comes with the machine so that you can still brew your favorite kind of coffee. Way to go Keurig. My gift I want for christmas this year is my very own Keurig machine. Hope I win one.

  • The photographs are wonderful and what a GREAT idea to have Ray take them! I think this product would be perfect if you could also brew your own coffee. It is really cute.

    Great post.


    • Heather Montgomery, Product Launch Dreams

      I agree – I don’t usually like products that you have to constantly get “refills” for… however my Dad (the king of deals) found the K-Cups at Costco for a little over 50 cents per cup.

      Still better than my $3.75 Starbucks Latte… less calories too!

      Thanks Cath – H

    • Donna MCDonald

      I used one over the summer at a friends home and it became my gotta have it item. I loved it because you can still brew your favorite coffee with the filter they include with it.