How Are Your Dreams at the Three-Quarter Mark?

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Lisa is a freelance writer, consultant and life coach. She has her BA in English and Creative Writing from Princeton and her MPA from Harvard. Lisa recently finished the first draft of her book manuscript, Burning Down the House. Her dream is to publish this first book and teach the world how to discover their hidden joy. Her post day is Tuesday.
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dancing with Charles

I sat on the third floor roof deck, sipping bourbon neat, surrounded  by the Manhattan skyline, clouds reflecting the light. All around me in the breezy post-midnight air were dancers, some paired off and swaying in unison as blues music pulsated from within the bar, through the open French doors.

Some sat, like I did, sipping cocktails or taking candid snapshots of friends.

Everyone almost without exception was in that giddy, haven’t-slept-much-all-weekend, giggly state. It had been a full weekend of blues dancing lessons and live bands, and this was the Sunday late night dance, from midnight to 4 a.m. at the Playwright Pub at 46th and 8th.

Might as Well Be Heaven on Earth

The main event of the event had been earlier that night. St. Louis jazz and blues diva, Kim Massie, was in town highlighting with amazing keyboardist Gordon Webster and his ensemble. For blues and lindy  hop dancers, a night like this is a little slice of heaven.

Living Dreams with Gordon Webster

It certainly was for me. I’d had the pleasure and privilege of dancing already with some of my favorite dancers from around the country, who just happen to be some of the best blues dancers, instructors and competitors out there (and yes, Damon Stone, Dexter Santos and John Joven, I’m talking to you!).

It was a happy vantage point from which to view the first three-quarters of the year. Surprisingly enough, the summer has somehow evaporated into fall, and here we are in October.

How are you doing in living the dreams, goals and intentions you set for yourself back in January?

Three-Quarter Mark Check-In

Here at 8womendream, I wrote about my half-year check-in three months ago, as one might imagine, or exactly halfway through the year. I was doing well on some fronts, and committed to making more progress on others.

The big goals for the year for me include:

  • Completing the next draft of my book manuscript, Burning Down the House
  • Getting the foundations established for my life coaching business, and creating a solid business plan for 2012
  • Doing more dancing
  • Being in my best shape yet
  • Carving out space in my life for a loving romantic relationship
Three more months have passed, and I’m the type who’s inclined to check in with myself at these kinds of “milestones.” Three more months left in 2011. Am I where I want to be?

And The Answer Is…

Happily for me, the answer is yes.

I’ll qualify that. I can’t honestly say that I’ve made huge progress on my book manuscript, yet. However, I did submit a book proposal and the first twenty pages of the book to a transformational author contest in July, and that felt like a big step.

And I’ve recommitted to being on a regular writing schedule again, since I’d allow myself to become rather haphazard about being in “the habit” of writing. Besides this blog, I hadn’t necessarily been producing new work each week.

I’ve recommitted to writing daily at least five days a week until this book is finished. Then, on to other projects!

How ‘Bout That Business?

At this point I’m three months into my life coaching certification and training program with my hero, Martha Beck, and I get to meet and hang out with her and the other coaching “cadets” in early November in Phoenix, Arizona! Soooo excited about that.

I’ve been working on branding and Website text. I successfully led a 10-week long group coaching program, my first, over the summer months called “Summer of Light,” and more affectionately known as “Summer Camp for Goddesses.”

I have ideas in motion to collaborate with some superstars from my coaching training program to create some workshops that we can introduce in the corporate world and possibly in government.

I have drafted a few versions of a business plan, and am still tweaking that.

But overall, I’d say I feel pretty good at where I am at the three-quarters mark, business-wise.

Ready for My Close-Up?

I can’t say that I’m ready for my Sports Illustrated Swimwear photo shoot at the moment. I’ve taken a stab at a few different “new” fitness programs that didn’t quite work for my lifestyle or goals, so am back to the usual gym routine. And ready to tackle something new for the fall, possibly boxing classes, along with pole dancing, and some more of the usual (weight-lifting and cardio workouts).

I’m thinking of doing a two-week long juice cleanse too, just to feel better, and because I could really stand to lose five or ten pounds to be at my optimal weight right now. Interestingly enough, I wrote about that at the halfway mark too, and decided that life is too short to be hung up on a number on the scale, and while I still agree with that, I also know that my body feels better when it’s just a teeny bit lighter. So, I’m moving in that direction.

Overall Goals

Which brings me one of my overall goals for the year, which was about “lightening up” in all ways, or more specifically “being light.” This to me means taking myself lightly, treading lightly on the earth, spreading light and joy wherever I go, looking to live from a more enlightened space, and yes, be light on my feet! Overall, I feel like I’m doing reasonably well with this goal. Time to get even lighter!

And my other big overall goal or phrase for 2011 is being “in love” ~ which I defined as being in love with life, my work and if the stars align, some lucky man as well.

I have to say, sitting there on the back deck last night at 2 a.m. with the illuminated buildings of Manhattan above me, sipping bourbon, and being pulled to my feet to dance with some of the most phenomenal blues dancers on the planet, well, I was definitely feeling pretty head-over-heels in love with my life.

That’s A Good Enough Milestone for Me!

Am I “where I want to be” in all aspects of my life? Not quite, but that would be boring, right? Isn’t the journey all about growing and striving, not ever quite “arriving”? I hope to spend a lifetime making my life better and better and more and more fun, fulfilling and exciting.

At the same time, I can honestly say that “I have arrived” in terms of my biggest goal, which is simply being happy and loving life. I figure that the most important thing, for me, is the joy in the journey.

After all, once one dream or goal is fulfilled, we’re generally onto the next one, right? So dreams and goals provide temporary satisfaction in their achievement. For me it’s more about who I’m becoming in the process of living those dreams, and right now, who I’m being.

And I’m a woman on a path that inspires me, surrounded by people whose company I adore, never quite content to stay where I am because there is always something more I can do, another way to be of service in the world, and yet totally content with who I am. If that makes sense!

I am definitely in love with my life. And that, dear readers, feels like success.

How Are You Doing Three-Quarters of the Way Through?

How about you? Here are a few good questions to ask yourself about your dreams at this milestone, with three months left to go in 2011:

  • How are you doing on your goals and dreams for the year? 
  • Do your goals for 2011 still inspire you? 
  • Do they need to be reevaluated or reinstated? 
  • What could you do today to get some dreams back in motion, or move some forward that are on their way? 
  • And most importantly, are you happy today? 
That last question, in my book, matters most. So do whatever it is that makes you happy today too, whether it’s spending time with people you love, taking an empowering action step on a long-cherished dream, watching the sunset, taking a walk through the autumn leaves, or if you are a dancing queen like me, dancing the night away.
To your happiness and to your dreams! May these next three months be the happiest ones of your life, yet.
  • Heather Montgomery, Product Launch Dreams

    Thanks for the reminder… 3/4 of the way through the year? Just doesn’t seem possible.

    On my way to several dream goals, some farther along than I thought and some way behind. My dream boards keep me on track, and those daily lists help a ton.

    Great post – H

  • I love the concept of this. I have a large white board that sits on two bar stools next to where I work with one side my working commitments and the other side for my dream commitments. It’s all right there in my face.

    Each morning I craft a short list for the day and at least attempt one small task towards my dream goals. Some days are better than others, but like you — it’s a process. Having 150 lifetime goals in my journal helps too because you’d be surprised how many you end up marking off — some things you think will never happen.

    It’s great sharing this journey with you.


  • Thank you! I love setting goals because of the joy of achieving them along the journey ~ it’s fun. :) I agree with you! And thanks for your kind words. I feel lucky to be where I am, doing what I’m doing, and to be part of this amazing team at 8womendream.

    Good luck with your goals and dreams!


  • damir

    Hey Lisa,

    I like your stuff.

    Some people just don’t have these goals which make them less motivated in life.

    They should follow your tips to set some.

    I love to achieve my goals, small or big. The feeling of achievement is great.