8 Best Quotes About Travel from a Travel Junkie

8 Best Quotes About Travel from a Travel Junkie: Quotes about travel by Judith Thurman

Mary Oliver once famously said, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” The words still haunt me.

More eloquently spoken than myself, Mary Oliver’s answer to her own question is:

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.
When it is over, I don’t want to wonder
if I have made of my life something particular, and real.
I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened,
or full of argument.
I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.”

Powerful stuff. I want to be married to amazement and wrapped up in the wonders of the world. I keep quotes like these pinned into my corkboards at work and written into the spines of my notebooks. They constantly remind me to keep my travel dream alive.

What will you have to say when it’s all over? If you want to travel, like me, then right now we have the power to control what we make of this one, precious life. So, let’s go!

We all need the best travel quotes to keep us moving. So here they are. My definitive collection –

8 Best Quotes About Travel Quotes of All Time-

8 Best Quotes About Travel from a Travel Junkie - Travel-to-Paris Best Travel Quotes of All TimeFrom: How to Live the Dream and Move to London 

1. Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life – and travel – leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks – on your body or on your heart – are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt. ~Anthony Bourdain

8 Best Quotes About Travel from a Travel Junkie - From: How to Live the Dream and Travel the World

From: How to Live the Dream and Travel the World 

2. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.  ~Helen Keller

8 Best Quotes About Travel from a Travel Junkie: Travel quote by Helen Keller

From: Twenty-Something Travel and How to Live the Dream as a 20-Something Traveler 

3. All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be. ~Pink Floyd

8 Best Quotes About Travel from a Travel Junkie: Camping-in-Homer-Alaska

From me: Wining, dining and camping at Land’s End in Homer, Alaska 

4. Life shouldn’t be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, champagne in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming, “WOO-HOO, what a ride!’  ~Mavis Leyrer age 83 – her on version of a Hunter S. Thompson quote

8 Best Quotes About Travel from a Travel Junkie: Australia

From: Twenty-Something Travel and How to Live the Dream as a Twenty-Something Traveler 

5. Man spends his entire life trying to make a living all the while forgetting to live. Mark Twain

8 Best Quotes About Travel from a Travel Junkie: Bodes-Well-sunset

From: How to Live the Dream and Travel the World 

6. You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You are on your own. And you know what you know.  And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go. … Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) Kid, you’ll move mountains. ~Dr. Seuss

8 Best Quotes About Travel from a Travel Junkie: Travel Junkie Kate

From Me: New Zealand 

7. The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~St. Augustine

8 Best Quotes About Travel from a Travel Junkie - Chicago

From me: My kind of town – Chicago’s Gold Coast

8. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.  ~Mark Twain

After reading the best quotes about travel of all time, what are you travel plans for your one, wild and precious life?

“What will your travel story be?”

~Katie Eigel

Give us your thoughts!


Katie Rotated off 8 Women Dream after landing a job with Gary Vaynerchuk and moved to New York city.  She is still one of our favorite dreamers.

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  • Christopher L

    “To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark

  • Katie

    Thank you all for your comments! I will keep the list running and hope to make it up to 64 quotes someday! I guess I need to get to 64 new places ….

  • http://www.aweekinthelifeofaredhead.com Catherine Hughes, Editor & Chief

    I don’t know if this will qualify, but there is an Irish proverb that goes, “Your feet will bring you to where your heart is.”

    I too love your travel posts.

    Your wanderlust is infectious.


  • http://www.shelliesconsumption.com shellie croft

    Ohhhh Katie!

    I absitively posolutely L-O-V-E this post. Beautiful, inspiring and delicious with the notions it conjures up (at least for me).

    Outta site! The way you loaded your words and photos into the in between the in-between.

    Super, crazy-good stuff!


  • Heather

    I need to go pack my bag! Thanks for those quotes and gorgeous shots to start my day – Mavis Leyrer’s quote is my favorite.

    I’m planning on retiring in Northern Italy so my travel story will be lot of exploring and adventure that will be continuing in the next 20 years.

    I’ve got to go book something now… thanks for the great post! – H

  • http://www.8womendream.com/category/remy-pro-photography-dream/ Remy

    “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Mark Twain.

    I love the fall, and should get out to the winery roads for some color shots. I also love the ocean this time of year, as there is hardly any fog or rain, just a bit of wind. Great post. xo Rem