Positive Thursday: 7 September Resolutions

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Who says it needs to be December 31 or January 1 to make a new goal or resolution?

Not me, dreamers! Today, I want to share a post from my blog, Polish My Crown about a few resolutions I made for myself at the beginning of September.

Now here’s a quick note on resolutions. I personally don’t LOVE the word. Resolutions feel short-sighted, lofty and not proactive – but some of my resolutions are actually goals at the same time. I explained in my blog post, I’m Not Making New Year’s Resolutions how I feel about resolutions and the difference between making goals and making resolutions.

  • A resolution is a vow or promise. A goal is a target.
  • A resolution is short-term. A goal is long-term.
  • A resolution is something you want to do or change. A goal is something you are pressing towards.

So, all in all, the list I compiled in a mix of goals and resolutions. Is it my absolute “goal” and “dream” in life to work out more? Absolutely not.

Is it something I want to focus on now? Yes.

Is relaxing more and staying calm something I want to just do during the month of September? No.

Is it something that will take time for me to master? You can bet on it!

Enough about goals and resolutions.

Here’s my Positive Thursday 7 September Resolutions

1. Work out more:

Living in San Francisco means everywhere I go is a mini workout with the hills, but that isn’t going to cut it this month!

I’ve been missing my swimming routine and just the energy I get from exercising. I just bought a gym pass and want to attempt to go 5x a week!

September Resolutions

2. Know when to unplug:

I live in a digital world. My life and job revolve around being online – whether it’s blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, anything. I seriously sit in front of my computer all day (and love it!) but I want to consciously remember to turn off my computer after work and just relax.

Relax like sit down and read a book. Or enjoy a friend’s company. Or just be.

Without the screen in front of me!
relax September Resolutions

3. Keep in touch with friends/family more often:

Living on the other side of the country means it’s not always an easy task to communicate often.

I manage to text/call my sisters and parents almost every day, but this month I’m striving to Skype and talk with my grandparents, friends from high school and friends from college a little more often.

That also means sending handwritten notes!
US September Resolutions

4. Experiment in the kitchen!

Not only does it save money, but often I can make something I enjoy more than restaurant food. I recently made this BBQ chickpea pizza and have been whipping up smoothies almost every day.

I’ve tried to catch up on reading my favorite food blogs daily (Snackface, Happyolks, HangryPants, Eat Live Run) in an effort to get food-inspired.
kitchen September Resolutions

5. Write down 10 things I’m thankful for morning and night.

I explained in my post, Top 10 List- Staying Thankful that reminding yourself daily what blessings you’ve received ultimately makes you a happier and healthier person.

Woo woo!

I typically write down everything at night but I want to do this in the MORNING as well to constantly being aware of how much goodness is surrounding me. This switch in perception is something I highly recommend – try it!
Blessings September Resolutions

6. Be silly!

Yesterday I was reading the Curly Girl Design blog and read something interesting about silliness. We all spend so much time working and living and being in relationships that we often get caught up in “adulthood” and well, seriousness.

Enough is enough for me!

Leigh wrote: “I learned a long time ago that the best way to keep yourself balanced and your worry, doubt, ego and a vast variety of other life-sucking things in check is to inject a little silliness.”

And that’s what I’ll be working on this month – living out of joy and silliness. That means spending time with people and enjoying experiences that truly make you laugh. LOTS. (Below: example of a hilarious, silly day)
Andrea September Resolutions

7. Remember my Top 9 Goals.

In January, I made this frame of my nine goals for this year and now it sits on my shelf  (and as my phone background) to remind me daily of what I need to be DOING, how I should be LIVING. All the details can be found here. This September is no exception.

I want to realllllly make sure I am striving to stay positive, live fearlessly, love everyone, believe in possibility, embrace change, remain calm, seek wisdom, appreciate today, be purposeful.

Some are easier for me (staying positive, loving everyone, appreciating today) than others (remaining calm and seeking wisdom in particular) but I will be focusing wholeheartedly on all nine this month.
Positive Thursday

What are some of your resolutions and goals this month?

May today be the day you are filled with joy and purpose to pursue whatever you may call it – goals, dreams, ideas, resolutions.

Xoxo -Andi

  • I LOVE your top 9 goals, Andi! Just beautiful <3

    Here are some of my current goals:

    ~ Work out 6x per week (including yoga, dancing, walking, gym, etc!).
    ~ Eat more greens (am currently doing green smoothies in the a.m.)
    ~ Manage my money mindfully!
    ~ Complete my business plan for 2012 in September.
    ~ Get my new coaching Website UP!
    ~ Update my writing/editing plan and stay on track to finish editing my manuscript by end of 2011!

    I LOVE the resolution to BE SILLY. :) I will add this to my list too I think. That is just AWESOME, as are YOU! XOXO

  • Great post. Okay …. hmmmm here are mine –

    1. Get up to my goal of 10,000 steps a day.
    2. Go to sleep before 11:00pm.
    3. Launch the new A Week In The Life of A Redhead.
    4. Eat small veggie snacks every two hours.
    5. Finish one of the two books I am reading.
    6. Organize my pantry.
    7. Finish updating all past posts on 8WD

    Whew! I’m tired already ;-). Goal setting is the most important step in making your dreams come true — thanks for the reminder!