Dream Anniversaries Can Bring Fears That Big Dreams Are Not What They Seem

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Anniversaries: Dreams Are Not What They SeemHello top photographer dreamers – Happy 2-year Dream Anniversary to me!

It’s been an amazing 2 years for me with 8 Women Dream.  At the time I started in 2009, my dreams were absolutely clear.

I wanted to–

  • Make a career taking photographs of everything
  • Hang my images in various galleries
  • Write coffee table books and create calendars of my best work and sell them everywhere
  • Be invited to speak at world wide conferences and lead photography field workshops

In short, I wanted to do whatever it took to become “renowned.”

Easy, right?  Well, I am standing here 2 years in to this journey and I can tell you – what I want now looks nothing like that anymore.

The changes started about a year into blogging about my dreams with what I’ll call my conscious indifference – I didn’t seem to care much about my dreams at all.  Too tired, too busy, too whatever. Other things started to matter more, and that was weird.

Compared to all other areas of my life (work, love life, education, parenting), photography had always been the one solid part of myself.  I never had to second guess it or question my passion for it – it was just a part of me.

Biscayne Bay with Approaching Tropical Depression Fay at Night

Then, without valid reason or public fanfare, impostor syndrome set in and it held on tight.

It felt like no matter what I did, I was failing all over the place.  I would set these amazing goals and then come up short.  I quickly found out that it was really hard and time consuming and expensive – all of the excuses / reasons I would have for not making gallery shows and cool books happen.

Even more tragic, I started to feel disconnected from photography – a love that has inspired a passion in me since the second grade.

And for a while there, I got really scared.

A Gingerbread Cookie Looks Scared While Being Held in a Boy's Hand by Joel SartoreSo I took some time over the summer to really think about my dreams.

I wondered why it was becoming so hard – and was this really my dream, or was I trying to live someone else’s dream? Could I really stick with it, and be all I wanted it to be?

I also thought a lot about what photography gave me; how it fed my soul and why that was important;  how much I’ve learned and what I’ve been able to accomplish because of that love for it.

How could that just go away?

No matter how I tried to force it, I never got there – until I realized that what I had to do was to sit in the unknown for a while, in a little fear and wonder – and have a belief that the answers would start to show themselves eventually.

My photography dreams were not as they had seemed.

I dug a little deeper and stretched a few comfort zones.  I talked myself out of being what others thought I should be and I listened to my heart.

And here is what I found out: it’s not about me.

I love taking pictures and I know I always will – but my real passion is to help photographers explore their own photography dreams. Create space for people to try and fail and learn so that they can carve their own dream path with photography.

I want to mentor, create, challenge, support — whatever it takes to make it happen for them.

And that’s part of my photography dream that I can live with.

Until next photo,


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  • Gandhi believed in the importance of action in one’s life, without concern for success. The Bhagavad Gita says,

    On action alone be thy interest,
    Never on its fruits
    Abiding in discipline perform actions,
    Abandoning attachment
    Being indifferent to success or failure

    Maybe you are a bit more Hindu than you realize and are following Gandhi’s path of least resistance….?

    Congratulations on your dream quest … it is not unlike the quest for the Holy Grail … a great journey.


    • It has been an incredible journey — Thank you!!! xox Rem