7 Ways I Sabotage Success With My Dream

wendy brayton painting Morro rock

My word for the week is sabotage. Defined by Answers.com as “Treacherous action to defeat or hinder a cause or an endeavor, deliberate subversion”.

Why do we sabotage our own success?  I have been thinking about this word a lot.   I know I have consciously and unconsciously  sabotaged my goal to be a successful artist.    Seven  examples of this include:

1. Having the US Representative Mike Thompson ask to display a piece of mine in Washington then doing so but not sending business cards or keeping in contact.

2. Meeting a Fortune 500 businessman who wants me to do a piece for him then not following up.

3. Making contact with the gallery owner in Sonoma and having her interested then not calling.

4. Meeting another gallery artist who says she wants me to be a guest and not calling her.

5. Getting an email from the Artist in Japan and not answering.

6. While trying to start painting lessons, putting out a sign up sheet, then taking  five months before starting.

7. Not finishing grad school

So there they are. Seven blatant ways I have sabotaged my own success and I ask myself why? I come up with two answers: fear of success and insecurity.

But how to deal with it? In the following video from www.changethatsrightnow.com they discuss our automatic response to our fears –

Remember to acknowledge your fears, don’t be too hard on yourself and visualize handling your fear in a positive way the next time it appears.  I’ll be doing the same – I promise!
Enjoy your dreams –


Wendy’s dream was to become a influential international artist, but she left 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 to complete grad school.  She is still a strong supporter of 8 Women Dream and you will see her in the comments on the blog.

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  • Kim

    It’s so easy not to do the right thing sometimes. You’re amazingly talented and of course you have no reason to be insecure! But we all are…

  • Dawnda

    Talk about a way to wake up a dreamer. For me this blog is about my dream but I your post makes me see that I spend too much time dreaming about my dream and not enough following up on achieving my dream. I think I will write down my own ways to sabotage success so I don’t repeat them.

  • Catherine, the writer and motivator

    Oh girlfriend don’t even get me started on the things I have not accomplished this week. I already can’t wait for our next meeting so we can all connect and feel that spark of creativity … or is it pressure…?…again.

  • Veronica

    You and I think so very much alike….