My Top 8 Summer Travel Blog Posts

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Somehow it’s already September. Another summer flew by just like last year’s – and the year before that. This sudden slipping away of my eternal sunshine was apparent by my time spent in Chicago this past weekend.
My Top 8 Summer Travel Blog PostsMy Summer Travel to Chicago. Lake Michigan and Lake Shore Drive.

I left Phoenix Sky Harbor airport last Friday on a triple-digit-thermometer day thinking that was hot. I landed at Chicago Midway airport later that night. When I stepped off that plane, the moist, swampy humidity of 81 degrees stuck to my skin and wrapped around me like a fleece blanket. Very uncomfortable. I will go on record to say that Chicago was hotter than Phoenix.

I sweated. Got the worst sunburn of the year. Then two days after arriving, it stormed, turned windy and dropped to 58 degrees. Can this weather make up its mind? I am having serious wardrobe issues here.
Still chilly, I am writing this from my friend’s apartment wrapped in a fleece blanket trying to keep warm as I watch the distance Lake Michigan waves swell to four feet and crash over the shore and onto the runners jogging by.

Am I in San Francisco? What is this weather non-sense?

Before I bolt back to my predictable sunshine and no humidity in the northern Arizona mountains, I have some time to reflect on this past summer. It’s a chance for me to pause and be thankful for the experiences that came into my life from May-September in …

My Top 8 Summer Travel Blog Posts:

1.  Bay to Breakers: Running Down a Dream

    I stretched my physical limits by running the costumed and comical Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco.

    2.  How to Live the Dream and Move to London

      I reconnected with one of my favorite friends who shared her story of how she moved to London for art school.

      3.  How to Live the Dream and Travel the World

        I caught up with a family of three and their VW bus that has been roaming the world for almost two years.

        4.  American Travel Tribute: Top US Dream Travel Routes

          I plotted out my favorite routes to take by train or automobile throughout the United States.

          5.  How to Live the Dream and Leave the Cubicle to Travel

            I learned that traveling the world solo post-cubicle job is not only possible, but a heck of a lot of fun.

            6.   How to Live the Dream as A Twenty-something Traveler

              I connected with my favorite travel blogger who is setting the bar for twenty-something travel around the world.

              7.  Dreams 101: The Art of Doing Nothing

                And for once, I learned to that it’s OK to slow down for a day and relax in The Art of Doing Nothing.

                8.  Our Dream Vacation Destinations

                  I gathered the dream vacation destinations of my fellow 8 Women Dream bloggers.

                  As always, I am grateful for the chance to share my experiences and top summer travel posts with you on 8 Women Dream.

                  What has been your top summer travel experience?



                  • Love your site and travel stories. For all you travelers out there, I found a neat site where you can reserve your airport parking online! Check it out: Online Airport Parking Reservations

                  • You’ve had an amazing 6 months considering that you up and completely changed your life!

                    Arizona is so beautiful …. do you miss Chicago?

                    My best summer travel experiences have been the Sunday morning drives my son and I have done out to Occidental. I value these times since i know those college years are coming fast.

                    Then I’ll really have to start traveling again!


                  • My gosh, I just realized I didn’t really do anything! I created a poll for the readers to vote on my photo vacation for the year…which will happen on the 21st of this month. Alaska won, which is where I was headed until money became an issue….Louisville got zero votes but believe it or not, that is where I’m headed, that SAME week I planned out, for a product expo for one of my new clients. So I will have my camera in Kentucky and hopefully will be able to capture the essence of my ‘trip’ within the convention center, Galt House hotel and the river walk – create the moments, I say. Could be the best vacation I take this year….lol xo Rem